Pups Save Christmas

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  • Ryder: "Did you put out the sugar cookies and the carrots for the reindeer?"
  • Rubble: "Yeah, but..."
  • Zuma: "I kinda tasted the cookies."
  • Rubble: "And I kinda helped him taste them."
  • Zuma: "And then they were all kinda gone..."
  • Rubble: "So... we're getting more!"

  • Skye: "Ah. What a great Christmas Eve."

(The bag of presents and Marshall fall out of the tree. Chase deploys his net to catch them.)

  • Chase: "Got the gifts!"

(Marshall falls into the snow.)

  • Chase: "Missed the pup. Sorry, Marshall."

  • Zuma: "Merry Christmas, dude."

  • Ryder: "Whenever you're in trouble, just 'Ho ho ho' for help!"