Pups Save Chicken Day

Chicken Day 11


  • Mayor Goodway: "Well, I'm sure your grandpa has told you all about chicken day."
  • (Chickaletta clucks.)
  • Alex: "Maybe?"
  • Mayor Goodway: "Well, it just so happens to be the day all of Adventure Bay celebrates the amazing things that make chickens... well, amazing!"

  • Chase: "Alright! Check out my Chickaletta cha cha!"

  • Ryder: "Mayor?"
  • Mayor Goodway: "Ryder, I'm stuck in a chicken costume, dangling from Chickaletta's statue, on Chicken Day!"

  • Marshall: "Looks like my cha cha, gotcha!"

  • Mayor Goodway (referring to the chickens): "Oh, they all look so happy."
  • Farmer Yumi: "The more, the cluckier, I always say."