Pups Save Alex

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  • Alex: "The Alex Patrol is on a roll! No sponge is too big, no Alex is too small!"

  • Alex: "Sorry, Marshall. Sorry, Rocky."
  • Rocky: (Giggles) "It's okay, Alex. You still saved the day by bringing the sponge."
  • Alex: "I did? Yes! But it wasn't a real rescue."

  • Marshall: "Rocky, Chase, Skye..." (Tips hat) "...Rubble, and Zuma!"
  • Zuma: (Yawns) "Why do emergencies always happen during naptime?"
  • Marshall: "That's all the pups! Coast is clea-" (Alex bumps into Marshall, causing a wipeout)

  • Alex: "My pretend rescue is nowhere near as exciting as this one!"

  • Ryder: "If you ever need us, just yelp for help, or yelp for Alex."