This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Pit Crew" from Season 1, which premiered on August 26, 2013 in the United States, and in Canada on September 11, 2013.

00:00:44 (Scene): (The episode begins with the pups having some fun doing practice sprint race)
00:00:47 Chase: And headed for the finish line, Skye's ahead by a nose.
00:00:51 Skye and Zuma: (Both panting)
00:00:53 Skye: Oh, he's passing me.
00:00:55 Chase: But Zuma wins it.
00:00:57 (Scene): (Skye and Zuma are tired after to do some practice sprint race)
00:00:58 Zuma: Training is tiring.
00:01:00 Chase: Good job. Next, Rocky and Marshall.
00:01:03 Chase: On your mark, get set, ruff!
00:01:07 (Scene): (And the race is begin between Marshall and Rocky)
00:01:12 (Scene): (Rocky is heading into a log while Marshall jumps on the top)
00:01:13 (Scene): (And Marshall crashes right below Rocky and he continues to race again)
00:01:16 Rocky: I'm on your tail, Marshall.
00:01:19 (Scene): (All the pups barking happily)
00:01:23 Chase: Marshall is in the lead as they reach the target area.
00:01:26 (Scene): (Suddenly Marshall accidentally stumbles and then he barks to put out his water hose)
00:01:28 Marshall: Water hose! (Barking)
00:01:32 Rocky: Marshall!
00:01:33 Marshall: Water spray. (Barking)
00:01:35 (Scene): (Marshall wants to spray the fire badge, but he accidentally hits Rocky)
00:01:37 (Scene): (And Rocky gets spray from Marshall
00:01:40 Marshall: Sorry about that, Rocky.
00:01:42 Rocky: It's okay.
00:01:44 Rocky: I wouldn't mind the water so much if it wasn't so wet.
00:01:50 (Scene): (At the Cafe, Mr. Porter set up the chairs to costumers while Alex is playing outside)
00:01:51 Alex: Alex takes the lead! (Imitating tires screeching)
00:01:54 Mr. Porter: Alex? What do you got there?
00:01:56 Alex: Hey, grandpa, check out what I made from old restaurant stuff.
00:01:59 Alex: A super trike. Look. Pizza paddle brakes.
00:02:04 Mr. Porter: Nice. And you used lots of duct tape.
00:02:07 Alex: Just like you taught me. Watch.
00:02:10 (Scene): (Alex shows his Pizza paddle brakes to Mr. Porter, but unfortunately the Pizza paddle brakes is fell apart)
00:02:14 Alex: (Grunting) My super trike!
00:02:18 Alex: Now I have to put it all back together again.
00:02:21 Mr. Porter: Wait, Alex!
00:02:22 (Sound): (Horn honking)
00:02:23 Mr. Porter: The parts are all over the street. You can't go out looking for them in all this traffic.
00:02:28 Alex: Aww. My super trike is ruined.
00:02:32 Mr. Porter: I know who can help.
00:02:39 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Ryder fixes his ATV)
00:02:40 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:02:46 Ryder: Hello. Ryder here.
00:02:48 Mr. Porter: Hi, Ryder. I have a bit of an emergency.
00:02:51 Mr. Porter: Alex put together a super trike, but it kind of fell apart and ended up all over the street.
00:02:56 Ryder: It didn't turn out as super as he hoped?
00:02:59 Mr. Porter: He could use some help.
00:03:00 Mr. Porter: I know you're pretty handy with gadgets and vehicles.
00:03:03 Mr. Porter: Tell him we're on our way.
00:03:05 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:03:10 (Scene): (Chase and Rubble are doing practice sprint race, but Ryder calls them)
00:03:11 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:03:12 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout.
00:03:16 Chase and Rubble: (Both grunting)
00:03:17 Chase and Rubble: Ryder needs us!
00:03:21 Pups: (All barking and howling) (And the pups are heading to the Lookout)
00:03:25 Rocky: (Rocky shouts Marshall…) Marshall, your hose!
00:03:26 Marshall: Oh, yeah. (Barking)
00:03:28 (Scene): (But Marshall accidentally spraying Rocky)
00:03:29 Rocky: Whoa!
00:03:30 Marshall: Oops. That was the spray bark, not the hose-away bark.
00:03:35 Marshall: (Barking)
00:03:48 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:03:53 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:03:56 Ryder: Today, we have a different kind of emergency.
00:03:59 Ryder: Our friend Alex has worked extra hard building a super trike out of old restaurant stuff.
00:04:04 Rocky: Wow, it's all recycled.
00:04:08 Ryder: But it fell apart on him.
00:04:10 Ryder: We can help him put it back together a little better.
00:04:15 Ryder: Rocky, I need you and your recycling bin we have to collect Alex's trike parts and put them back together.
00:04:22 Ryder: And maybe add a few of our own.
00:04:24 Rocky: Don't lose it, reuse it.
00:04:29 Ryder: Chase, I need you and your cones to stop traffic so we can safely find the parts of Alex's trike.
00:04:35 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:04:38 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll.
00:04:41 Pups: (All barking and howling)
00:04:44 (Music):
00:05:02 (Scene): (Deployment Sequence of Rocky and Chase)
00:05:31 (Scene):
00:05:53 Chase: Let's secure the work zone.
00:05:58 (Scene): (Chase takes the cone and secure the street)
00:06:02 Chase: (Barking)
00:06:04 Chase: Please find an alternate route. PAW Patrol at work.
00:06:10 Alex: Can you fix it?
00:06:11 Ryder: Sure, we can.
00:06:12 Alex: Thanks, Ryder.
00:06:14 Rocky: Let's get it to the lookout. Pincer arm. (Barking)
00:06:19 (Scene): (Rocky starts the cleanup effort)
00:06:23 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Ryder and Rocky are fixing Alex’s super-trike)
00:06:24 Ryder: Rocky, check the wheel, please.
00:06:26 Rocky: Clamp arm. (Barking)
00:06:35 Rocky: That will hold better than before.
00:06:37 Alex: But my grandpa fixes everything with duct tape.
00:06:40 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:06:41 Ryder: Time for the brakes.
00:06:42 Ryder: Rocky, the pedals, please.
00:06:47 Rocky: Don't lose it, reuse it.
00:06:50 Ryder: And these will work better than a pizza paddle.
00:06:52 Ryder: Just keep your feet on the pedals at all times, okay?
00:06:56 Alex: Look. Vroom! Alex is tearing up the track.
00:07:01 Alex: Vroom, vroom!
00:07:03 Alex: Vroom, vroom! Uh-oh.
00:07:06 (Scene): (Alex knocks over the recycle bin)
00:07:07 Chase: Whoa!
00:07:08 Chase: Oof!
00:07:09 Alex: (Alex apologizes to Chase) Sorry, Chase.
00:07:11 Chase: You might want to slow down a bit, Alex.
00:07:13 Ryder: Steering wheel, please, Rocky.
00:07:18 Alex: Huh?
00:07:19 Ryder: Now I need you to rivet this in place.
00:07:21 Rocky: Rivet gun. (Barking)
00:07:25 Rocky: You got it.
00:07:28 Ryder: I think it's done.
00:07:30 Alex: Awesome!
00:07:31 Alex: Now my super trike can go extra super fast.
00:07:35 Chase: Stop right there.
00:07:37 Chase: You can't go anywhere without this.
00:07:38 (Scene): (Chase gives a ring bell to Alex and attached on his super-track)
00:07:42 (Sound): (Dinging)
00:07:43 Ryder: And this. (Ryder gives a helmet to him)
00:07:44 Alex: Come on, Ryder. Let's race!
00:07:46 Ryder: Uh, let's test it first.
00:07:49 Alex: Okay, but if we race, I'm sure my super-fast super trike will win.
00:07:53 Ryder: First you need to get used to your vehicle.
00:07:55 Ryder: Let's take a slow ride down the lookout driveway.
00:07:58 Alex: Yeah, let's ride down the lookout driveway.
00:08:00 (Sound): (Dinging)
00:08:02 Alex: Vroom, vroom! (But Alex's going too fast)
00:08:04 Ryder: Alex, wait! You're going too fast!
00:08:08 Ryder: Come on, pups. Let's go.
00:08:10 Chase: (Barking)
00:08:11 (Scene): (Ryder, Rocky and Chase are catch up Alex to stop him)
00:08:19 Alex: Whee!
00:08:20 (Scene): (Alex is exiting until he can’t control himself)
00:08:21 Alex: Look at me go.
00:08:24 Alex: Wow, this is fast.
00:08:28 Alex: A little too fast. Whoa!
00:08:33 Alex: Help!
00:08:34 Ryder: Slow down. Use the brakes.
00:08:36 Alex: I can't get my feet back on the pedals. They're turning too fast.
00:08:41 Ryder: (Gasping)
00:08:42 (Scene): (A car is heading up the street. Ryder orders Chase to secure the traffic)
00:08:44 Ryder: Chase, secure the traffic at the bottom of the drive.
00:08:48 Chase: Chase is on the case.
00:08:53 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:08:57 Chase: Please stop. PAW Patrol emergency in progress.
00:09:01 Ryder: Don't worry, Alex. The paw patrol is on it.
00:09:04 Ryder: Skye, I need you and your copter at the bridge in a hurry.
00:09:08 Skye: Let's take to the sky!
00:09:10 Rubble: Hooray! Whoo-hoo!
00:09:13 Skye: (Barking) Yeah!
00:09:17 Ryder: Keep it straight at the bridge. You'll be fine.
00:09:20 (Scene): (Skye is coming and bring her helicopter to stop Alex)
00:09:25 Ryder: Skye, can you hook Alex's trike?
00:09:28 Skye: You got it, Ryder. (Barking)
00:09:34 (Scene): (Skye tries to catch Alex, but missed it)
00:09:35 Skye: (Barking)
00:09:40 Alex: Uh-oh.
00:09:41 Alex: Whoa! (Alex can’t control himself because he’s going too fast)
00:09:43 Skye: Almost got it.
00:09:45 Alex: Whoa!
00:09:47 Skye: Got him!
00:09:52 Alex: Yay, Skye! Great flying!
00:09:55 Ryder: That was some pretty good flying.
00:09:57 Skye: Oh, It was no biggie.
00:10:03 Ryder: Are you all right, Alex?
00:10:05 Alex: I'm okay. I just couldn't stop it. The trike is too super.
00:10:12 Rocky: I think we need to work on that braking system.
00:10:18 Ryder: Alex.
00:10:20 Alex: I'm sorry, Ryder. This is all my fault.
00:10:23 Alex: If I'd started slow like you said, this wouldn't have happened.
00:10:27 Ryder: That's okay, Alex.
00:10:29 Ryder: But whenever you try something new, you have to start out easy.
00:10:33 Alex: I know. I just wanted to be like you, Ryder.
00:10:37 Skye: You all right, Alex?
00:10:39 Alex: I'm great. Thanks, Skye. And Chase and Rocky and Ryder. And the whole paw patrol.
00:10:45 Alex: You saved me and my super trike.
00:10:47 Rocky: It was nothing.
00:10:48 Chase: No problem.
00:10:50 Ryder: Whenever you need us just yelp for help.
00:10:53 Alex: (Laughing)
00:10:54 Ryder: You were such good pups today.
00:10:56 Ryder: How about we head to the lemonade stand?
00:10:58 Alex: Yeah!
00:11:00 Alex: (Dinging) Let's race on over.
00:11:02 Skye: (Clearing throat)
00:11:03 Alex: Hmm?
00:11:04 Rocky: Alex.
00:11:06 Alex: Uh-oh.
00:11:07 Chase: Mm-mmm.
00:11:08 Alex: I mean, roll on over.
00:11:11 Ryder: Let's go.
00:11:13 (Scene): (They are going to the lemonade stand)
00:11:18 Singers: ♪ You're all good pups ♪
00:11:21 Singers: ♪ and you saved the day ♪
00:11:23 Ryder: Good work, Alex.
00:11:24 Ryder: You've earned the PAW Patrol safe driving cup.
00:11:27 Alex: Wowee! Thanks, Ryder.
00:11:29 Ryder: You've also won a spoon.
00:11:31 Alex: A spoon? (Confuse) Why?
00:11:33 Ryder: Because it's an Ice Cream cup.
00:11:35 Alex: Yay!
00:11:37 (Everyone): (Everyone laughing)