Pups Pit Crew

Rocky, Ryder, and Alex


  • Alex: "Hey, grandpa! Check out what I made from old restaurant stuff: a super trike! Look! Pizza paddle brakes."
  • Mr. Porter: "Nice! And you used lots of duct tape."

  • Alex: "Let's race on over!"

(Skye clears her throat and gives Alex a stern look.)

  • Alex: "Hmm?"
  • Rocky: (Disapprovingly) "Alex."
  • Alex: "Uh-oh..."
  • Chase: (Shaking head) "Uh-uh."
  • Alex: "I mean, roll on over."
  • Ryder: "Let's go!"

  • Ryder: "Good work, Alex. You've earned the PAW Patrol safe-driving cup."
  • Alex: "Wowie! Thanks, Ryder!"
  • Ryder: "You've also won a spoon."
  • Alex: "A spoon? Why?"
  • Ryder: "'Cause, it's an ice cream cup."
  • Alex: "Yay!"