Pups Party with Bats

Party Bats 7


  • Rubble: "I'm DJ Rubble and I'm here to say, I've got a brand new beat that I want to play."

  • Marshall (wearing five sunglasses): "Hey, Ryder! Do I look cool?"
  • Ryder: "Totally cool, but can you see?"
  • Marshall: (Chuckles) "Can I see?" (Bumps into Chase's pup house) "Not really."

  • All pups: "We're cool. So cool."

  • Skye: "I'll get these little squeakers back to their cage."
  • Chase: "And hurry back for the dance party!"
  • Skye: "Miss a chance to boogie? No way!"

  • Rubble: "I'm turning it up all the way!" (Adjusts the volume to maximum) "Hello Adventure Bay!"
  • Marshall (falling from his ladder): "That's loud... enough!"

  • Skye: "Hear that? DJ Rubble is in the house!" (The bats fly away from their cave) "Hey! Why are you little cuties in such a hurry to go?"

  • Ryder: "Rubble, can your crane carry a speaker?"
  • Rubble: "I bat it can! Get it?"

  • Rubble: "You're welcome!"
  • Ryder: "And whenever you have a problem, just..." (Rubble makes a record scratch) "...for help!"

  • (Rubble snores.)
  • Ryder: "It's his new tune: 'Gotta Snooze'!"