This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Make a Splash" from Season 1, which premiered on August 27, 2013 in Canada and on November 14, 2013 in the United States.

00:00:47 Rubble: Aroo! Arr-arr!
00:00:51 Rubble: Rubble on the double! Whee!
00:00:59 Skye: Thanks, Katie.
00:01:07 Katie: Okay, Rocky! Your bath's almost ready!
00:01:10 Katie: Rocky?
00:01:12 Rubble (Outside): Arr! Aroo! Arr arr!
00:01:16 Rubble: (Barking continuing)
00:01:21 Cali: Mrow!
00:01:22 Cali: Meow?
00:01:24 Rubble: Hey, hey, hey! It's bath day! I love a good warm bath.
00:01:30 Katie: Hi, Rubble! This tub's ready for Rocky, but I can't seem to find him.
00:01:35 Rubble: (Panting)
00:01:36 Katie: (Giggling)
00:01:38 Katie: It's all yours.
00:01:39 Rubble: Thanks, Katie!
00:01:41 Rubble: Ah, perfect!
00:01:44 Katie: Okay, now Rocky's bath. Has anybody seen him?
00:01:48 Rocky: Oh, Rocky!
00:01:56 Cali: Meow!
00:01:57 Katie: There you are! Come on.
00:02:02 Katie: Now, where did he go?
00:02:05 Rocky: (Rocky grunting)
00:02:11 Cali: Meow!
00:02:13 Katie: (Giggling) Rocky!
00:02:14 Rocky: Hi, Katie. Is my bath ready? Hmm...
00:02:19 Katie: (Giggling)
00:02:24 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:02:27 Ryder: Hello, Ryder here!
00:02:29 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, hi Ryder.
00:02:32 Ryder: Hi, Cap'n Turbot. What's up?
00:02:33 Cap'n Turbot: Well, I'm a bit embarrassed to report my boat is, I guess you'd say, uh, stuck.
00:02:39 Ryder: The Flounder ran aground?
00:02:41 Cap'n Turbot: (Clucking) Afraid so, Ryder.
00:02:43 Cap'n Turbot: I'm caught on some rocks and the tide's going out. If I can't get free, The Flounder will end up in the bottom of the bay!
00:02:49 Cap'n Turbot: Is it possibly within your PAW Patrol power to help?
00:02:52 Ryder: Don't worry, Cap'n Turbot. No job is too big, no pup is too small!
00:02:59 (Sound): (Pup pad beeping)
00:03:00 (Sound): (Pup tag beeping)
00:03:02 Ryder: PAW Patrol to the lookout!
00:03:04 Rubble: Ryder's calling! Aww, I guess I'll have my bath later.
00:03:09 Rubble: When there's trouble, Rubble's there on the double!
00:03:13 (Sound): (Pup tag beeping)
00:03:14 Ryder: To the lookout!
00:03:15 Pups: Ryder's calling!
00:03:16 Rocky: Gotta go!
00:03:18 Cali: (Meowing)
00:03:23 Pups: (All barking)
00:03:27 Marshall: Whoa! Ugh!
00:03:31 Marshall: Sorry. Took that last turn a little too fast.
00:03:36 (Music):
00:03:46 (Sound): (Elevator bell dinging)
00:03:52 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder sir!
00:03:54 Ryder: Okay, PAW Patrol. We have an emergency.
00:03:57 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:03:59 Ryder: Cap'n Turbot's boat has run aground.
00:04:01 Cap'n Turbot (On the screen): Help! Help, help, help, help!
00:04:04 Ryder: He's stuck.
00:04:06 Cap'n Turbot: If I can't get free, The Flounder will end up in the bottom of the bay!
00:04:08 Skye: (Gasping)
00:04:09 Rocky: We have to help!
00:04:10 Chase: Cap'n Turbot needs us!
00:04:11 Rubble: We have to save The Flounder!
00:04:13 Zuma: (Howling)
00:04:14 Marshall: What's a "bay"?
00:04:15 Ryder: We need a plan to get his boat off the rocks before the tide goes out.
00:04:21 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) Zuma.
00:04:23 Zuma: (Barking)
00:04:24 Ryder: I'll need you and your hovercraft to help me pull the boat off the rocks.
00:04:28 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:04:30 Ryder: (Pup pad beeping) Skye, I'll need you to fly your copter overhead and find the best way through the rocks.
00:04:39 Skye: Let's take to the sky!
00:04:42 Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:04:44 Pups: (All barking)
00:04:47 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Skye and Zuma)
00:05:29 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:05:34 (Music):
00:05:40 Ryder: Lifejacket deploy!
00:05:44 (Music):
00:05:46 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:05:48 (Music):
00:06:04 Cap'n Turbot: Ryder! Zuma! Oh, thanks for coming to the rescue!
00:06:07 Ryder: What happened, Cap'n Turbot?
00:06:09 Cap'n Turbot: Well, I got so excited watching a wily old walrus waddle in the waves, that I forgot to watch out for the rocks.
00:06:16 Cap'n Turbot: I'm stuck!
00:06:17 Ryder: Leave it to us, Cap'n! Zuma and I can get you free.
00:06:21 Ryder: Just attach these lines.
00:06:26 Cap'n Turbot: All set!
00:06:27 Ryder: Okay, Cap'n!
00:06:29 Ryder: Skye, how's it look from up there?
00:06:33 Skye: I don't see any rocks out toward seal island.
00:06:36 Skye: Just avoid that big rock straight ahead and you'll get The Flounder out no problem.
00:06:40 Ryder: Got it! Hit it, Zuma!
00:06:43 (Sound): (Engine revving)
00:06:50 (Sound): (Creaking)
00:06:53 Cap'n Turbot: The boat's still hung up!
00:06:55 Ryder: Is there anything heavy you don't need on board? The boat will float higher if it's lighter.
00:07:01 Cap'n Turbot: Hmm, no.
00:07:03 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, wait! I know!
00:07:07 (Sound): (Crashing)
00:07:13 Cap'n Turbot: (Grunting)
00:07:14 Cap'n Turbot: I've been studying the sleeping and eating habits of the adult walrus. Turns out he sleeps and eats and awful lot.
00:07:20 Wally: (Barking)
00:07:21 Cap'n Turbot: (Chuckling)
00:07:22 Cap'n Turbot: I couldn't agree more!
00:07:24 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:07:26 Wally: (Barking)
00:07:27 Cap'n Turbot: Bye, Wally! Feed ya later!
00:07:30 Ryder: (Chuckling) That should help!
00:07:32 Ryder: Rev it up, Zuma!
00:07:34 (Sound): (Engine revving)
00:07:40 (Sound): (Creaking)
00:07:47 Zuma: Yay, the boat's off the rocks!
00:07:48 Ryder: Oh, yeah!
00:07:50 Skye: Yeah! Ruff!
00:07:51 Cap'n Turbot: Woo-hoo-hoo!
00:07:52 Ryder: Whoa, Cap'n Turbot! You're sinking!
00:07:56 Cap'n Turbot: You appear to be correct. The boat is getting lower in the water.
00:08:00 Cap'n Turbot: Help… Help... Help… Help… Help… Help… Help! I'm sinking! (Screaming)
00:08:07 Cap'n Turbot: Calm down, Turbot, calm down, it’s alright. Take a deep breath. (Inhaling, exhaling) I'm good.
00:08:14 Cap'n Turbot: The rocks must have ripped a hole in the hull!
00:08:17 Cap'n Turbot: Oh, at this rate, The Flounder will sink before I can get to dock!
00:08:21 Ryder: We have to do something.
00:08:23 Ryder: That's it! Rocky will have something to patch The Flounder! We need him out here… fast!
00:08:30 (Sound): (Rocky’s pup tag beeping)
00:08:31 Rocky: It's Ryder! Yes! Saved again, ha-ha!
00:08:33 Cali: (Meowing)
00:08:34 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:08:36 Rocky: Go ahead, Ryder. What do you need?
00:08:38 Ryder: Something to patch a big hole in Cap'n Turbot's boat.
00:08:41 Rocky: I'm on it! Aroo!
00:08:45 Cali: (Meowing)
00:08:47 Rocky: Nope, that won't work.
00:08:48 Rocky: Not that, either.
00:08:49 Rocky: Hmm, too small.
00:08:51 Rocky: Nope, not strong enough.
00:08:53 Rocky: (Gasping) Found it! Don't lose it, reuse it!
00:08:58 (Sound): (Rocky's pup tag beeping)
00:08:59 Rocky: I found some metal we can use to stop the leak until Cap'n Turbot gets it back to dock!
00:09:04 Ryder: Skye's on her way. She'll fly you out here in no time.
00:09:08 Skye: This pup's gotta fly!
00:09:11 Rocky: Hey! Watch where you're flying! We're over the world's biggest bathtub and I'm trying to stay dry!
00:09:22 Rocky: Let me out of this thing!
00:09:24 Rocky: Whoa! Oof!
00:09:26 Rocky: Whoa!
00:09:27 Ryder: Careful, Rocky.
00:09:28 Zuma: You're gonna get soaked.
00:09:29 Rocky: Why is everything trying to get me wet today?
00:09:32 (Sound): (Helicopter whirring)
00:09:33 Ryder: This patch should be perfect. Let's get it attached to the boat, Zuma.
00:09:38 Zuma: Let's dive in!
00:09:40 Cap'n Turbot: Abandon ship!
00:09:42 Ryder: Don't worry, Cap'n. Ryder and the PAW Patrol are here to save the day! And your ship.
00:09:50 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:09:52 (Sound): (Propeller whirring)
00:10:01 (Scene): (Ryder dives to underwater and starts to fix The Flounder)
00:10:11 Cap'n Turbot: (Imitating trumpet playing "taps")
00:10:15 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:10:18 Zuma: We did it, dude!
00:10:19 Ryder: We sure did, Zuma!
00:10:22 Cap'n Turbot: Go ahead, Ryder!
00:10:24 Ryder: You got it!
00:10:26 (Sound): (Engine revving)
00:10:29 Cap'n Turbot: (Laughing) It worked! Yeah! You saved The Flounder!
00:10:33 Cap'n Turbot: Ha ha! Alright!
00:10:38 Cap'n Turbot: Thanks, Ryder and Zuma. And you too, Skye.
00:10:42 Rocky: (Whimpering)
00:10:44 Rocky: How 'bout the belly? How 'bout the belly?
00:10:47 Cap'n Turbot: (Laughing) And you too, Rocky!
00:10:48 Cap'n Turbot: Without your help, The Flounder would definitely, no doubt, absolutely be on the bottom of the bay.
00:10:54 Rocky: (Giggling) Tickle spot, tickle spot! (Giggling)
00:10:58 Ryder: Good job, PAW Patrol. I think we all deserve a run out at the pup park.
00:11:02 Pups: (All barking happily)
00:11:06 Singers: ♪ You're all good pups ♪
00:11:09 Singers: ♪ And you saved the day ♪
00:11:11 Singers: ♪ And now it's time to play around Adventure Bay ♪
00:11:14 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol ♪
00:11:17 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol ♪
00:11:19 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol ♪
00:11:22 Rocky: (Splashing) Ugh!
00:11:24 Rocky: Figures.
00:11:28 Katie: There you go, Rocky. All yours.
00:11:31 Rocky: Why me?
00:11:33 Cali: (Spray the water)
00:11:35 Rocky: (Giggling)
00:11:37 Everyone: (Laughing)