Pups Jungle Trouble



  • Carlos makes his debut.
  • This is Mandy's second appearance, with the first being in "Pups Go All Monkey".
    • Mandy also appears on the title card along with Ryder.
    • Mandy was promoted to "Also Starring" (a minor role) for Season 2 after being a "Guest" the previous season.
  • This episode was originally called Pups and the Curse of Mandy, but it was changed for unknown reasons.
    • This episode was also thought to be called "Pups' Jungle Trouble", but there was no apostrophe after "Pups" upon the premiere, even though it would've been grammatically correct.


  • Chase and Marshall's gear switch from time to time during the deployment scene.
    • Chase is initially shown with his spy gear. However, when Ryder prepares to assign the tasks, Chase is shown in his police gear, then back to spy gear.

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