Pups Jungle Trouble



  • Marshall: "Yeah, the jungle here is full of awesome stuff; like this green vine would make a great swing!"
  • Carlos: "Wait, Marshall! That's not a vine. It's... it's..."
  • Marshall: "A snake!"

  • Marshall: (Coils himself in vines) "Sorry I’m late. I got a little wrapped up in the jungle."

  • Rubble: "Cool! Wait, are there spiders in there?"

  • Ryder: "Chase, I need you and your super spy infrared goggles to track Mandy around the ruins."
  • Chase: "Ancient curses and ruins? Cool! Super Spy Chase is on the case."

  • Ryder: "You guys wait here. I'll go after her."
  • Chase: "Wait up! We won't let you go in there alone."
  • Carlos: "We won't?" (Sighs) "Okay, I guess we won't."

  • Chase: "Hey, you're pretty good on a zip line too, Mandy."

  • Ryder: "I knew all I'd have to do is yelp for help."