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Pups Go All Monkey

Monkey (Hahahaha!)


  • This is Mandy's first appearance in the series.
  • When Mandy went down the slide at the Lookout, the background voices said "Mandy," like when pups like Marshall or Zuma go down the slide.
    • For this, it is the first time the background voices call out a name of someone who is not a PAW Patrol member.
  • It's revealed that Ryder's ATV has autopilot.
  • This is the third time that some of the pups are absent at the end. The first two were in "Pups Save the Bunnies" and "Pups Get a Lift".
  • In the description on Nick Jr. UK's and Channel 5's website, the episode is titled "Pups Save a Monkey" but it remains as "Pups Go All Monkey" in the dubbing.


  • When Mandy was driving the van, she didn't have her feet on the gas pedal.

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