Pups Get a Rubble



  • This is a flashback of how Rubble joined the PAW Patrol.
  • It is revealed that Rubble was a stray pup before he was discovered.
  • Rubble says he's a tough pup. This could be a reference to T.U.F.F. Puppy.
  • The Korean broadcast of Nickelodeon places this episode as the second half instead while "Pups Save a Walrus" serves as the first half.
  • Apparently, Zuma has no spoken dialogue in this episode.


  • There could have been a pup who had Rubble's job in the past. This is because of two reasons:
    • This episode shows that Rubble is the seventh member of the team. However, on his rig there's a 6 and the number 7 is on Zuma's hovercraft.
    • Rubble's icon can be seen on the TV in the Lookout, although he was not yet a PAW Patrol member.
  • When Rubble is snowboarding, he switches in and out of his vest.