Pups Get a Rubble



  • Ryder: "That's no place to be hanging around! Don't worry, we'll get you down from there."
  • Rubble: "I'm not worried, but that water does look awfully cold. I like my baths warm, with bubbles!"

  • Rubble: "I'm a tough pup, grrr!" (Laughs)

  • Rocky: "It looks like you haven't eaten all day. Rubble?"
  • Rubble: "More like days!"
  • Rocky: "You haven't eaten in days?"
  • Rubble: "That's what it's like when you have to take care of yourself."

(The other pups gasp.)

  • Ryder: "Pups, I have a very big announcement."

(The pups talk amongst themselves simultaneously.)

  • Marshall: (In the background) "What did I do...?"