Pups Get Growing

PAW Patrol 319A Scene 16


  • Rubble: "Thanks anyway, Rocky! But I'd rather eat my pizza than wear it."

  • Zuma: "Nice hat, Marshall! But you're supposed to eat your Brussels sprouts, not wear them."

  • Marshall: "That's for sure. Her rutabagas are ruta-big-as!"

  • Ryder: "Rubble, I'll need your crane to lift the squash off the corn crib."
  • Rubble: "Rubble on the double!"
  • Ryder: "And it will come in handy getting Bettina down."
  • Rubble: 'Wow, double Rubble on the double!"

  • Farmer Yumi: "That was close! I was almost squashed by my squash!"

  • Marshall: "Don't worry, you'll ketchup. Get it? Tomatoes? Catch up?"

  • Zuma: "Gotta move out this herd! Or is it, move out the salad?"

  • Ryder: "Marshall, I've got one more job for you and your cannon."
  • Marshall: "Okay, but after chasing those tomatoes, I'm feeling a little strained. Get it? Tomatoes? Strained?"