Pups Find a Genie

From the sky (Genie)


  • Farmer Al: "Keep, recycle, throw out. Keep, recycle, throw out."
  • Rocky: "Farmer Al! You threw out a perfectly good old rusty bucket."
  • Farmer Al: "Rocky, you can have it, holes and all."
  • Rocky: "Yes! Isn't sorting stuff fun Rubble?"

  • Rubble: "Uh, I think I sorta got sorted too."
  • Rocky: "Good thing you're in the keep pile."

  • Jeremy the Genie: "Pleased to meet ya. I'm Jeremy the Genie."
  • Rubble: "I'm Rubble the, uh, pup, and this is Rocky, the, uh, other pup."

  • Rubble: "My wish bone!"
  • (The big bone falls to the barn roof.)
  • Jeremy the Genie: "Did I mention I'm still kinda learning?"

  • Marshall: "Okay, I'm last again, but look how clean the elevator is."

  • Ryder: 'Hi. You must be Jeremy."
  • Jeremy: "Who is this all-knowing and very powerful genie?"
  • Rocky: "This is Ryder. He leads the PAW Patrol."
  • Jeremy: "Nice to meet you, Ryder the Genie."

  • Jeremy: "This bone's so big, it's a scandal, we need to lift it with a..."
  • Rubble: "A candle?"
  • Jeremy: "No. Oh, okay. How about this? This bone's so big, it's a scandal, we need to lift it with a..."
  • Rubble:" A sandal?"

  • Marshall: "Mmm, smorgasbone. Way to wish, Rubble."

  • Mayor Goodway: "And that's why, as mayor of Adventure Bay..."
  • Rubble (on a floating bathtub): "Hi, Mayor Goodway!"
  • Mayor Goodway: "I'll chit-chat in a moment, Rubble. I'm officially declaring this Floating Bathtub Day!"
  • (The audience gasp.)
  • Mayor Goodway: "What?"

  • Rocky: "You guys want to see an old rusty bucket?"
  • Marshall + Chase: "Uh, yeah!"

  • Ryder: "Are you all right?"
  • Rubble: "Barns give me weird dreams."
  • Farmer Al: (Chuckles) "They make you messy, too."
  • Rubble: "No way am I taking a bath. Nope."
  • Rocky: "Ha! He sounds like me!"