Pups Fall Festival

Ryder Point


  • Marshall: "I love, love, love apples, Farmer Yumi."
  • Farmer Yumi: "Don't forget our pumpkins!"
  • Marshall: "I love love love pumpkins, too! Especially in pies." (Smiles)

(Skye and Zuma race to the elevator and stop just outside it.)

  • Skye + Zuma: "I win!" (Doubting each other's victory) "I win!"

(Skye backflips into the elevator.)

  • Skye: "I win."

  • Zuma: "PAW Patrol is ready to roll... some pumpkins."

(Ryder and the pups race into Farmer Yumi's yard.)

  • Farmer Yumi: "Ryder and the PAW Patrol, Yes! Now at least we'll get some of the fruit picked before it snows."
  • Ryder: "We'll get all of it picked, Farmer Yumi. No apple left behind!"

(Marshall falls into the pumpkins.)

  • Chase: "Marshall, are you okay?"
  • Marshall: "I'm okay..."

(Chase pulls up the pumpkin stuck on Marshall's head; making it a hat.)

  • Chase: "You look good in orange."

  • Ryder: "Hmm. Chase, now I've got a job for you."
  • Chase: "What is it, Ryder, sir?"
  • Ryder: "We need you to direct traffic around here."
  • Marshall: "Yeah. Chase would make a great traffic cop, 'cause, well, he is a traffic cop."

  • Farmer Yumi: "We got apples, whoot whoot!"