Pups Bark with Dinosaurs

Skye image


  • Ryder: "Way to dig, Rubble."
  • Rubble: "It's what I do!"

  • Marshall: (Stands on hind legs on Zuma's back) "We're a Tyrannosaurus pup! Woah, steady Zuma!"
  • Zuma: "I'm trying!" (Trips and falls with Marshall)
  • Skye: "Marshall, you're more like a slip-osaurus!"

  • Rubble: "Ryder, you won't believe it! I saw a giant pterodactyl flying around the Lookout!"
  • Ryder: "I believe it. I just had a close encounter of the eyeball kind."

  • Ryder: "No egg is too big, no pup is too small!"

  • Chase: (Referring to Marshall) "Look: it's the hula-saurus!"

  • Skye: "A pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do... and this puppy's gotta fly!"

  • Chase: "Ryder, another egg hatched. We have two babies to catch."
  • Ryder: "I know, number two just landed on my head."

(A third baby pterodactyl falls and lands on Chase's back.)

  • Chase: "Uh, Ryder... make that three."

(At a birthday party, the Utahraptor blows out the candles, flips the table and eats the birthday cake.)

  • Marshall: "Aw, you are kind of a cute little guy. I'll call you Terry: Terry for short. Terry Pterodactyl."

  • Zuma: "Woah, a giant dinosaur is stomping down Main Street!"
  • Rubble: "And he has our liver sausages!" (Whines)

  • Mayor Goodway: "You would never believe what's been going on."
  • Ryder: "Oh, I probably would."

(Mother pterodactyl offers a smelly fish to Marshall.)

  • Marshall: "No thanks, I'm not a pterodactyl: I'm a pup! And P.U.!"

(Marshall is knocked out of the nest and has plenty of fish thrown on him.)

  • Marshall: "P.U.!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "No-one munches on great-great-great-grandpa!"

  • Rubble: "The dinos are like my rig, but bigger and with feet."

  • Ryder: "Marshall, Skye, ready?"
  • Marshall: "Yup. But are you sure those pterodactyls will follow me?"
  • Ryder: "Sure, you're like one of the family. Besides, they love smelly fish." (Brings bucketful to Marshall)
  • Marshall: "Ew, wish I hadn't asked."

  • Cap'n Turbot: "Nifty news! Those eggs you excavated are from a new, never seen before species! I named it the 'Rubble-osaurus'."