Pup a Doodle Do



  • Mayor Goodway: "Hello, Adventure Bay! is doing an episode on me and my purse chicken."
  • Marshall: "The TV show? Are you nervous?"
  • Mayor Goodway: (Laughs) "No way. Chickaletta will talk about city history, and I'll cluck happily."

  • Marshall (with chickens approaching to him): "Whoa, no!"
  • Ryder: "Ha, birds really do like him."

  • Marshall: "I got one!" (Grabs chicken and gets ensnared by Chase's net) "And you got me!"

  • Mayor Goodway: "Sorry we spoiled your TV show."
  • Cameraman: "Spoiled? It was great! Action, comedy, drama, and you can never rescue too many chickens."

  • Marshall: "Ryder, watching ourselves is so much fun. Why can't all our adventures be on TV?"
  • Ryder: "You never know, Marshall."