Pup Pup and Away

Goodway Wins S1E5B


  • Both Jake and Mayor Humdinger make their first episode appearance.
  • The title of the episode is a pun on the phrase "Up, up, and away."
  • It is revealed that Mayor Goodway is afraid of heights but she managed to face them.
  • This is the first time Mayor Humdinger loses a competition.
  • This episode shows other mayors from different locations, however, Mayor Humdinger was the only one to be identified.
  • It is revealed that Chase may be allergic to dust. This was shown when he sneezed when unrolling the hot air balloon.
  • The chicken that jumped into Mayor Goodway's hot air balloon might actually be Chickaletta. It is also hinted when the chicken jumps into Mayor Goodway's purse.
    • Due to Mayor Goodway's reaction, it is also implied this was when Mayor Goodway's first met Chickaletta. If the chicken encountered in this episode was in fact Chickaletta, this would suggest that Chickaletta was originally one of Farmer Yumi's chickens and that she first met Mayor Goodway after she ended up in Mayor Goodway's run away Hot Air Balloon, and apparently Mayor Goodway became so fond of her that she adopted the little chicken as her pet purse chicken.
  • Chase, Marshall, and Zuma were absent at the end.


  • Near the end, the pups' uniforms were shown, but when Mayor Goodway gave the award to Ryder, the pups' uniforms disappeared.