This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pup Pup and Away" from Season 1, which premiered on August 22, 2013 in the United States, and on September 6, 2013 in Canada.

00:11:55 Mayor Goodway: Why did I ever agree to a balloon race?
00:11:58 Mayor Goodway: Not too high! Not too fast!
00:12:01 Ryder: (Laughing) You're still on the ground, Mayor Goodway.
00:12:06 Mayor Goodway: Oh, yes. Ha. Hmm.
00:12:08 Mayor Goodway: I need to get over this fear of heights.
00:12:11 Mayor Goodway: And anyway, I can always keep my eyes closed.
00:12:14 Ryder: Don't forget, Mayor Goodway, I'll be in the balloon to help you.
00:12:18 Mayor Goodway: Oh, right. Thanks, Ryder.
00:12:20 Ryder: Okay. Ready to unroll, pups?
00:12:22 Rubble: Ready.
00:12:25 Chase: It sure is dusty. (Chase release that this balloon is dusty)
00:12:27 Chase: Uh-oh, it's got a... (He starts to sneeze)
00:12:33 Chase: It's got a rip. A bad rip. This balloon won't hold air.
00:12:38 Mayor Goodway: Oh, Mayor Humdinger from foggy bottom will win the annual Mayor's balloon race again.
00:12:43 Ryder: Don't worry. We'll get this balloon ready in time for the race.
00:12:46 Ryder: No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:12:50 (Scene): (At the park, the pups are participating in a hurdles sprint race)
00:12:51 Rocky: On your bark, get set... (Howling)
00:12:54 (Scene): (They are starting to race)
00:13:04 (Scene): (As the pups beginning to race, the pup tag are beeping)
00:13:05 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout.
00:13:07 Pups: Ryder's calling.
00:13:08 Marshall: (Stumble) Whoa!
00:13:10 Rocky: New race to the lookout.
00:13:14 (Scene): (Rocky begins a new race to the Lookout after being contacted)
00:13:17 (Scene): (Chase, Rubble, Rocky and Zuma all get wedged between the elevator doors, with Skye joining them)
00:13:18 Zuma: Pups, we've got a serious case of the wedges’.
00:13:21 Pups: (They are laughing)
00:13:23 Marshall: (Marshall soon arrives) Wait for me.
00:13:24 (Scene): (And he knocks them all into the elevator)
00:13:25 Marshall: Whoa, no. Ahh!
00:13:26 Marshall: (Laughing)
00:13:38 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:13:44 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir.
00:13:46 Ryder: Pups, we have a problem.
00:13:48 (Sound): (Ryder explains the situation) (Beeping)
00:13:49 Ryder: We need to fix the hot air balloon for Mayor Goodway's big race.
00:13:53 Ryder: The balloon has a big rip in it.
00:13:55 Pups: (Gasping)
00:13:57 (Sound): (Pup Pad beeping)
00:13:58 Ryder: Rocky, you'll need to find something we can reuse to patch it.
00:14:02 Rocky: Green means go.
00:14:04 Ryder: The hot air that makes the balloon rise comes from a gas flame heater.
00:14:08 Ryder: Marshall, I'll need you to make sure that the heater is safe.
00:14:12 Marshall: I'm fired up.
00:14:13 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:14:16 Pups: (All barking)
00:14:20 (Music):
00:14:22 (Scene): (Deployment sequence for Marshall and Rocky)
00:15:06 (Music):
00:15:18 (Scene): (Ryder and the pups arrive at City Hall)
00:15:19 Ryder: No time to lose, pups. The balloon race starts soon.
00:15:23 Rocky: Hmm. We need a patch.
00:15:25 Rocky: (Gasping) I've got the perfect thing in my truck.
00:15:28 Ryder: How does the gas tank look, Marshall?
00:15:30 Marshall: (Marshall asks back) The big question is how they smell.
00:15:33 Marshall: (Marshall sniffing the gas tank) I don't smell any gas leaks.
00:15:36 Ryder: Ready to test the flame?
00:15:38 Marshall: (Barking) (Marshall test the flame)
00:15:41 Marshall: Standing by.
00:15:44 Ryder: All systems go.
00:15:45 Marshall: (Barking)
00:15:47 Rocky: Glue. (Barking)
00:15:51 Rocky: This piece of Zuma's old surf kite will patch that hole up perfectly.
00:15:55 Rocky: (Barking)
00:15:56 Rocky: Don't lose it, reuse it.
00:16:00 Ryder: The patch is perfect, Rocky.
00:16:04 (Scene): (Ryder tests the gas leaks and finally It works)
00:16:14 Mayor Goodway: Oh! It's working! I can't believe it works!
00:16:17 Mayor Goodway: I… oh, I mean, of course it works.
00:16:20 Mayor Goodway: The PAW Patrol fixed it.
00:16:22 (Scene): (The other hot air balloon are crossing at Farmer Yumi's silo.)
00:16:24 Ryder: The other balloons are getting near Farmer Yumi's. Once they get to the silo, the race starts.
00:16:29 Ryder: We'd better hurry.
00:16:30 Ryder: I'll grab our flying gear and we're off.
00:16:33 Mayor Goodway: Time to get over my fear of heights once and for all.
00:16:37 Mayor Goodway: (Inhaling deeply)
00:16:39 Mayor Goodway: I'm going to ride in this balloon and win this race!
00:16:45 (Scene): (Mayor Goodway accidentally ignites the flame and the hot air balloon begins to take off)
00:16:48 Mayor Goodway: Oh, dear. Is the ground going down or am I going up?
00:16:53 Rocky: The balloon!
00:16:54 Marshall: Grab it.
00:16:56 Mayor Goodway: (Mayor screaming)
00:16:57 Marshall: Mayor Goodway, come back!
00:16:59 (Scene): (Marshall manages to bite onto the rope, but is carried upward with it)
00:17:00 (Scene): (Ryder notices and runs after the balloon)
00:17:01 (Scene):
00:17:05 Marshall: Uh-oh. Whoa!
00:17:05 (Scene): (Marshall loses his grip on the rope and he is going to fall)
00:17:07 Ryder: Marshall!
00:17:09 (Scene): (Ryder’s coming and he catches Marshall)
00:17:11 Marshall: Thanks, Ryder. Great catch.
00:17:12 (Scene): (But Mayor Goodway still rising and she shouts to Ryder to help)
00:17:14 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, pups! Get me down!
00:17:20 (Scene): (Back at the Lookout, Skye and Chase use the periscope to watch the race)
00:17:21 Skye: The race has started!
00:17:24 (Scene): (But realize that Adventure bay’s balloon is not among those of the other participants.)
00:17:26 Chase: I don't see our balloon.
00:17:28 Ryder: (Suddenly, Ryder’s calling) Skye, PAW Patrol emergency. Mayor Goodway took off without me.
00:17:32 Ryder: I need you to fly me to the balloon in your copter.
00:17:35 Skye: Let's take to the sky!
00:17:38 (Scene): (Skye is on her way)
00:17:39 (Scene): (In the air, Mayor Goodway covers her eyes)
00:17:41 Mayor Goodway: I can't look! I can't look! But I must look.
00:17:47 (Scene): (She tries to open her eyes)
00:17:48 Mayor Goodway: Oh, no! I better go higher.
00:17:33 Mayor Goodway: Whoa! (Screaming)
00:17:56 The chicken: (Peeping)
00:17:57 Mayor Goodway: Hi, little chicken. (Laughing)
00:17:59 Mayor Goodway: Well, aren't you a cutie.
00:18:01 (Scene): (Mayor Goodway places the chicken in her open purse)
00:18:05 Man: Look, Mayor Humdinger, Mayor Goodway's catching up.
00:18:08 Mayor Humdinger: Hmm. It looks like they got that dusty old bag of wind up in the air.
00:18:13 Mayor Humdinger: And the balloon is working too.
00:18:15 Mayor Humdinger: Full steam ahead! (Laughing evil)
00:18:19 (Scene): (At the Lookout, Ryder using a harness and attaches it to Skye's helicopter using a cable)
00:18:21 Ryder: Let's go.
00:18:23 Skye: This pup's got to fly.
00:18:33 (Scene): (Ryder shortly finds Adventure Bay's balloon)
00:18:34 Ryder: (Gasping) There's Mayor Goodway, headed toward seal island.
00:18:40 (Scene): (Mayor Goodway is still terrified, and continues to cower and cover her eyes)
00:18:45 (Scene): (Mayor Goodway hears a helicopter is on the way)
00:18:47 Mayor Goodway: (Helicopter beating overhead) what's that?
00:18:51 Mayor Goodway: Ryder?!
00:18:52 Mayor Goodway: Oh, yes!
00:18:53 (Scene): (But Mayor Goodway still covering her eyes)
00:18:54 Mayor Goodway: Oh, no. I can't watch.
00:18:58 Skye: Ready, Ryder? I'll swing you over to the balloon.
00:19:04 (Scene): (Skye catches the balloon and swing Ryder over to the basket)
00:19:12 Ryder: Think you could give me a hand here, Mayor Goodway?
00:19:15 Mayor Goodway: (Gasping) (Mayor Goodway give her hand to help Ryder)
00:19:16 Ryder: Great. Now pull me in a bit.
00:19:21 Mayor Goodway: Oh, I did it! You did it. We did it.
00:19:25 Ryder: Good work. Now, let's see about this race.
00:19:28 Ryder: Made it safe, Skye.
00:19:30 Ryder: See you at the finish line.
00:19:32 Skye: Roger that. Go win that trophy!
00:19:35 Mayor Goodway: Thank you, Ryder. I'm so glad everything's okay now.
00:19:39 Ryder: Not exactly.
00:19:43 (Scene): (Ryder increases the flame to ascend above it)
00:19:45 Ryder and Mayor Goodway: Whoa!
00:19:47 Ryder: Close one. All right, mayor, Ready to win this race?
00:19:51 Mayor Goodway: The race? I almost forgot.
00:19:53 Ryder: Are you in?
00:19:54 Mayor Goodway: In it to win it!
00:19:56 (Scene): (Afterward, Ryder and Mayor Goodway focus their attention on the race)
00:20:00 (Scene): (Meanwhile, Mayor Humdinger uses a telescope to observe his lagging competition, and begins to gloat of Foggy Bottom's upcoming victory)
00:20:01 Mayor Humdinger: Ha-ha! Easiest race yet.
00:20:03 Mayor Humdinger: Looks like another year on top for the town of Foggy Bottom.
00:20:05 (Scene): (A Man surprised that the big balloon is passed by)
00:20:07 Mayor Humdinger: (Snickering)
00:20:08 Mayor Humdinger: What is it? (A Man pointing to the big balloon)
00:20:10 Mayor Humdinger: What?! How did you get there?
00:20:12 Ryder: This race is on, Mayor Humdinger.
00:20:15 Mayor Goodway: Don't worry. We'll wait for you... At the finish line.
00:20:20 Mayor Goodway: (Goodway laughing)
00:20:20 Mayor Humdinger: Oh, I've never lost a race, and I'm not starting now!
00:20:24 Mayor Goodway: (Angry) After them!
00:20:27 Mayor Goodway: There's Jake’s Mountain.
00:20:29 Mayor Goodway: The finish line is on the other side.
00:20:31 Ryder: The winds are stronger up higher, and we'd have a better chance of winning.
00:20:35 Ryder: What do you say?
00:20:37 Mayor Goodway: Up, up and away!
00:20:40 Mayor Goodway: Whoo-hoo!
00:20:41 Mayor Humdinger: They're beating us. Higher, higher!
00:20:43 (Scene): (Mayor Humdinger is frantic to catch up to them)
00:20:53 (Scene): (Ryder sees the finish line)
00:20:55 Ryder: There's the finish line.
00:20:56 (Scene): (The pups (among other Adventure Bay citizen), stand cheering for Ryder and Mayor Goodway at the foot of the mountain)
00:20:57 Skye: Here they come!
00:20:58 Rubble: Go, Adventure Bay!
00:21:00 Mayor Goodway: Hey, Jake!
00:21:01 Jake: Yo, cool.
00:21:03 Mayor Goodway: Oh, I have to prepare a victory speech.
00:21:06 Ryder: I hope you get to use it.
00:21:07 (Scene): (Mayor Humdinger is passed by)
00:21:09 Mayor Goodway: How did Humdinger get ahead of us?
00:21:11 Ryder: We're going to have to drop fast to get to the finish line first.
00:21:14 Ryder: Are you ready, Mayor?
00:21:16 Mayor Goodway: In it to win it!
00:21:17 Mayor Goodway: Whoo-hoo!
00:21:23 Mayor Humdinger: (Humdinger laughing)
00:21:24 Mayor Humdinger: Winning!
00:21:25 Mayor Goodway: Whoo-hoo! (Mayor Goodway drops quickly)
00:21:26 Mayor Humdinger: What?!
00:21:27 (Scene): (And the Adventure Bay balloon finished the race)
00:21:28 (Scene): (Everyone cheering and barking)
00:21:30 Rocky: Mayor Goodway and Adventure Bay win.
00:21:33 Mayor Goodway: Oh, we did it!
00:21:36 Mayor Humdinger: Ha, yes. I believe this trophy belongs to you this year, Mayor Goodway.
00:21:42 Mayor Humdinger: (Grumbling)
00:21:44 Mayor Goodway: No. It belongs to Ryder and his loyal PAW Patrol.
00:21:48 Mayor Goodway: This calls for a celebration.
00:21:51 Everyone: (Everyone cheering)
00:21:56 (Music):
00:22:03 Mayor Humdinger: (Grumbling)
00:22:04 Mayor Goodway: Thanks, Ryder. You and the pups really saved the day.
00:22:09 Ryder: Whenever you need a hand, just yelp for help.
00:22:21 Mayor Goodway: Ryder, I've entered Adventure Bay into the Mayor's submarine race. You can be my captain.
00:22:27 Mayor Humdinger: Ha! Why bother?
00:22:29 Mayor Humdinger: Foggy Bottom's sub is sure to win the mayor's race. Just like last year.
00:22:33 Mayor Goodway: I don't think so.
00:22:36 Mayor Goodway: Today is a new day, Humdinger.
00:22:38 Mayor Humdinger: Well, today is the only day you'll beat Foggy Bottom at anything.
00:22:42 Mayor Goodway: (They are arguing again) Oh, you think so?
00:22:43 Mayor Humdinger: I know so.
00:22:44 Mayor Goodway: We'll see about that.
00:22:45 Mayor Humdinger: Yes, we will.
00:22:46 Mayor Goodway: Oh, no.
00:22:47 Mayor Humdinger: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
00:22:48 (Scene): (Ryder chuckles at the silliness of their rivalry)