This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pup-Tacular" from Season 1, which premiered on August 28, 2013 in the United States, and on September 18, 2013 in Canada.

00:11:50 Marshall: Nice bubble updo, rubble.
00:11:52 Rubble: You mean nice bubble pup-do.
00:11:54 Everyone: (All laughing)
00:11:55 Katie: Okay, Rubble, time to get you out and styled for the Pup-Tacular.
00:11:59 Rubble: I can't believe I'm competing in a puppy show.
00:12:03 Katie: If we win best styled pup, we get a trophy. And a bone.
00:12:07 Rubble: (Gasping) Bone! Yum.
00:12:09 Zuma: Hey, dude, Ryder's ready for you and Marshall at the lookout.
00:12:13 Rubble: Huh?
00:12:14 Skye: To do the safety check on your trucks.
00:12:16 Marshall: (Gasping) The safety inspections. I forgot.
00:12:19 Rubble: Oh, me too. I feel like such a bubblehead.
00:12:26 Cali: (Callie meowing)
00:12:29 Cali: Whoa!
00:12:31 Marshall: Come on, rubble. We have to make sure our trucks are in tip-top shape.
00:12:34 Rubble: Let's go. (Barking)
00:12:37 Rubble: Uh, sorry, Katie. I can't help you with the Pup-Tacular show.
00:12:42 Katie: It's okay. Making sure your trucks are safe is more important. I'm sure some other pup will help me out.
00:12:48 Skye and Zuma: I'll do it! (Both barking and laughing)
00:12:51 Skye: Flip you for it. Ruff!
00:12:53 Skye: Just kidding. Go for it, Zuma.
00:12:55 Cali: Whoa! (Water splashing)
00:12:57 Katie: Oh, Callie.
00:12:59 Cali: (Groaning)
00:13:04 Ryder: Everything looks good on the underside of my vehicle, pups.
00:13:07 Rubble: Mine too.
00:13:09 Marshall: I'm finished topping up the radiator.
00:13:11 (Sound): (Phone ringing)
00:13:16 Ryder: (Phone beeping) Hello. Ryder here.
00:13:19 Mayor Goodway: Hello, Ryder?
00:13:20 Ryder: Mayor Goodway. What's up?
00:13:21 Mayor Goodway: Funny you should ask.
00:13:23 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta and I were picnicking on the beach when she dropped her favorite rubber ducky into the bay.
00:13:29 Mayor Goodway: So we rode out to get it.
00:13:31 Ryder: Aww! Did she get it back?
00:13:33 Mayor Goodway: No, and chickaletta is quite upset. And hard as I row, the silly tide keeps taking us the wrong way.
00:13:41 Mayor Goodway: Of course, dropping the oars overboard didn't help.
00:13:44 Ryder: The tide is taking you out to sea? Mayor, that's an emergency.
00:13:48 Mayor Goodway: I know. Ryder, help!
00:13:50 Ryder: Don't worry, Mayor. No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:13:55 (Sound): (Pup pad beeping)
00:13:56 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout.
00:13:58 Zuma: Sorry, Katie, but I got to go.
00:14:00 Katie: I know. You can't compete in the Pup-Tacular show.
00:14:03 Zuma: But my fur's never been softer, if that makes a difference.
00:14:07 Pups: (Laughing)
00:14:08 Katie: (Sighing) Maybe I should just wait for the Cat-Tacular.
00:14:11 Cali: (Purring)
00:14:13 Pups: (All barking and laughing)
00:14:18 Rocky: Marshall, your water Cannon. I don't want to get wet!
00:14:22 Marshall: Don't worry. It won't spray unless I bark like this. (Barking)
00:14:27 Marshall: Oops.
00:14:28 Rocky: Yipes!
00:14:29 Zuma: Aah!
00:14:30 Marshall: Sorry, Zuma.
00:14:32 Zuma: That's the second bath I've had today.
00:14:34 Marshall: (Barking)
00:14:42 Skye: Ugh, someone smells like a wet dog.
00:14:45 Pups: (All laughing)
00:14:57 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:15:03 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder sir.
00:15:05 Ryder: Pups, the tide is pulling Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta's rowboat out to sea. We need to get them back to land and find Chickaletta's rubber ducky.
00:15:13 Rubble: Aww! Poor little chicken. (Sniffling)
00:15:18 Rubble: Who doesn't love the rubber ducky?
00:15:21 Ryder: Zuma, I need you and your buoy and rope to tow them back to the beach.
00:15:25 Zuma: Let's dive in.
00:15:28 Ryder: Skye, I need you to use your goggles to be our eyes in the sky.
00:15:32 Ryder: Look for the Mayor Chickaletta's favorite rubber ducky too.
00:15:35 Skye: (Barking) Let's take to the sky.
00:15:39 Rocky: Looks like it's going to be a pretty wet rescue. Can't stand getting wet.
00:15:44 Pups: We know.
00:15:45 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll.
00:15:49 Pups: (All barking)
00:15:51 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Skye and Zuma)
00:16:32 (Sound): (Tires screeching)
00:16:37 (Music):
00:16:43 Ryder: Life jacket, deploy.
00:16:47 (Music):
00:17:05 (Sound): (Lenses whirring)
00:17:07 Skye: Ryder, I see the Mayor. The tide is dragging her boat out to sea.
00:17:13 Ryder: Thanks, Skye. We're on our way.
00:17:21 Marshall: Let's finish checking our trucks, Rubble.
00:17:23 Rubble: Rubble on the double.
00:17:25 Rocky: What do you want to do, chase?
00:17:17 Chase: I don't know.
00:17:29 Katie: Hi, Rocky. Hi, Chase. Is Zuma there?
00:17:32 Rocky: Not right now. Ryder needed him for a rescue.
00:17:35 Katie: Oh. Doesn't sound like Zuma can be a part of the Pup-Tacular either.
00:17:40 Katie: Do either of you want to be in a pup show with me?
00:17:43 Rocky: Not me. A show means washing, and washing means water, and water's not my thing.
00:17:49 Chase: Don't worry, Katie. I'll do it. Chase is on the case.
00:17:53 Katie: Thanks, chase. Come on over.
00:17:55 Chase: On my way.
00:17:57 Chase: Come on, Rocky. I promise you won't get wet.
00:18:00 Rocky: Okay. But remember, not a drop.
00:18:04 Chase and Rocky: (Both laughing)
00:18:08 Ryder: That's them.
00:18:10 Mayor Goodway: Over here! Over here!
00:18:13 Ryder: We're coming, Mayor. Stay calm.
00:18:17 Mayor Goodway: I'm calm! I'm calm! Look, Chickaletta. It's Ryder.
00:18:22 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:18:23 Mayor Goodway: The PAW Patrol has saved the… (Gasping)
00:18:27 Mayor Goodway: No! Chickaletta!
00:18:30 Ryder: Chickaletta, hold on.
00:18:32 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:18:34 Skye: Ryder, I spotted the rubber ducky.
00:18:38 Skye: Tell chickaletta I'm flying it to her.
00:18:41 Ryder: I'll tell her as soon as I get her out of the water.
00:18:45 Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta! Where are you?
00:18:48 Mayor Goodway: Oh, Ryder, you must save my precious purse chicken.
00:18:51 (Sound): (Chickaletta clucking)
00:18:52 Ryder: There she is. Hang on, Chickaletta.
00:18:55 Zuma: I got her.
00:19:01 Zuma: Buoy. (Barking)
00:19:09 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:19:10 Zuma: (Gasping)
00:19:11 Ryder: I've got you, Chickaletta.
00:19:13 Mayor Goodway: Hurry!
00:19:16 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:19:18 Zuma: Whoo! Yeah!
00:19:05 Mayor Goodway: Oh, Chickaletta! You're soaked, and it's all my fault.
00:19:25 Ryder: Okay, let's tow this boat home.
00:19:27 Zuma: Buoy. (Barking)
00:19:32 Mayor Goodway: Oh, my poor little chicken is shivering. Call the police, pup, block traffic. We must get her home and dry. This is an emergency!
00:19:40 Chickaletta: (Clucking)
00:19:44 (Sound): (Beeping)
00:19:45 Chase: Oh, yeah. That's the spot.
00:19:47 Chase: Oh, that's the spot too. (Sighing)
00:19:51 (Sound): (Collar beeping)
00:19:52 Ryder: Chase, we need you and your police truck.
00:19:54 Katie: Oh, no. Not again.
00:19:56 Ryder: Chickaletta fell in the water. I need you to block traffic so we can get her home and dry as fast as possible.
00:20:02 Mayor Goodway: This is an emergency!
00:20:04 Chase: Chase is on the case, sir.
00:20:07 Chase: Sorry, Katie, but...
00:20:08 Katie: I know. Duty calls.
00:20:11 Katie: Oh, well. There goes the Pup-Tacular contest.
00:20:14 Rocky: You're not going?
00:20:15 Katie: I can't go to the Pup-Tacular show without a pup.
00:20:18 Rocky: (Sighing) Okay, I'll do it.
00:20:21 Katie: You will? Really? Oh, Rocky, you're the best pup ever.
00:20:26 Rocky: (Whimpering)
00:20:27 Rocky: Hey, this bath isn't so bad after all.
00:20:11 Katie: (Laughing) That's because you're not wet yet, rocky.
00:20:35 Rocky: Oh… Right!
00:20:36 Rocky: Isn't there a way to give me a dry wet bath?
00:20:40 Katie: You don't have to do this, Rocky.
00:20:41 Rocky: It's okay, Katie. I'll take the plunge. Green means go!
00:20:47 (Sound): (Splashing)
00:20:49 Rocky: Ew. This water's all wet. (Laughing)
00:20:53 Katie: (Laughing) Okay, here goes.
00:20:58 (Sound): (Police siren blaring)
00:21:03 Mayor Goodway: Quick! To city hall! We'll wrap her up in her favorite organic cotton blankie.
00:21:08 Ryder: (Laughing)
00:21:10 (Sound): (Dryer blowing)
00:21:11 Rocky: (Sighing)
00:21:14 Rocky: Ah, yes.
00:21:19 Katie: Rocky, it's so you.
00:21:21 Rocky: What do you call this?
00:21:23 Katie: A faux-hawk.
00:21:24 Rocky: Not bad.
00:21:25 Katie: And, for the finishing touch.
00:21:29 Rocky: Rocky likey.
00:21:31 Katie: (Laughing)
00:21:32 Katie: (Gasping) We have to catch the train or we'll be late for the Pup-Tacular!
00:21:36 (Scene): (And they're soon catch the train and make it to the Pup-Tacular)
00:21:46 Marshall: Safety check's complete.
00:21:47 Rubble: Come on. It's time for the Pup-Tacular.
00:21:50 Marshall and Rubble: (Both barking)
00:21:53 Rubble: The Pup-Tacular mixed breed award is on next.
00:21:56 Announcer: The winner for best styled mixed breed: Katie and Rocky.
00:22:02 Everyone: (Everyone cheering)
00:22:08 Pups: (Pups howling)
00:22:09 Ryder: Pups, you have a lot to be proud of. Rescuing the Mayor and Chickaletta, and helping Katie.
00:22:15 Ryder: You're all winners.
00:22:16 Pups: (All barking and laughing)
00:22:19 Singers: ♪ You're all good pups ♪
00:22:21 Singers: ♪ And you saved the day ♪
00:22:24 Singers: ♪ And now it's time to play around Adventure Bay ♪
00:22:25 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA PAW Patrol ♪
00:22:26 Marshall: I got it, I got it!
00:22:29 Rocky: Hey, pups. Look at me. I'm Pup-Tacu… (Fall into the mud) ooh!
00:22:33 Rocky: Pup-Tacular… Rocky-style.
00:22:36 Everyone: (Everyone laughing)