• Marshall: *gasps* "The safety inspections! I forgot!"
  • Rubble: "Oh me too, I feel like such a bubblehead!"

  • Skye: "Flip you for it! Flip!" (backflips) "Just kidding; go for it, Zuma."

  • Rocky: "Marshall, your water cannon! I don't wanna get wet!"
  • Marshall: "Don't worry. It won't spray unless I bark like this." *barks* (sprays water in Rocky's direction) "Oops."
  • Rocky: "Yikes!"

(Rocky leaps out of the way and Zuma gets drenched.)

  • Zuma: "Woah!"
  • Marshall: "Sorry Zuma!"
  • Zuma: "That's the second bath I've had today!"

(Marshall retracts his water cannons. He and Rocky enter the elevator.)

  • Skye: *sniffs* "Ugh! Someone smells like a wet dog!"

  • Rocky: "Hey pups, look at me! I'm pup-tac..." (falls in mud) "...pup-tacular, Rocky-style!"

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