• Marshall: "I move more quietly than a mouse. Everything I do is totally unexpected. Huh?" (gets catapulted into pile of wooden boards)
  • Skye: "Marshall!"
  • Marshall: "I'm okay...but I didn't expect that!"

  • Farmer Yumi: "It's not which art is superior: the point is for all pups, kittens, and mayors to try to do their best."
  • Mayor Humdinger: "Exactly. I try to do my best more than anyone!"
  • Mayor Goodway: "Except me! I try to do my best the most!"

  • Marshall: "A Pup-Fu master knows exactly how to land...when they accidentally fall."

  • Mayor Humdinger: "Interesting-looking scroll. I was just admiring the way it was, uh...rolled up, yes."

  • Farmer Yumi: "Okay! It's time to present the belts." (pups talk in anticipation) "Chase, Rubble, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, congratulations."

(The five pups cheer and howl until Marshall whines. Yumi silences him.)

  • Chase: "I'm gonna wear my belt to bed!"
  • Marshall: "I'm gonna wear my belt forever!"

  • Ryder: "Marshall, I need you and your ladder to check the loft and rafters for clues."
  • Marshall: "My highly-trained paws are at your service!"

  • Marshall: "Is that a toy mouse? I thought barns had real mice."

  • Ryder: "We can't let the scroll fall into the wrong hands."
  • Marshall: "Or paws."

  • Ryder: "Okay, Chase sneezed by the case where Farmer Yumi kept the scroll."
  • Chase: "A great big kitten sneeze!"

  • Rubble: "They may be sneaky, but they sure are cute!"
  • Chase: "Cute? They have a secret lair!"
  • Rubble: "Yeah, but, they're still pretty cute."

  • Chase: "Wait, stop!" *sneezes* "Too much..." *sneezes* "...kitty fur!"

(He jumps off the rock ledge, misses Mayor Humdinger and lands on beach.)

  • Mayor Humdinger: "Ha! I shook off that pesky PAW Patrol!"
  • Skye: (following Mayor Humdinger in helicopter, unnoticed) "That's what you think."

  • Rubble: "I'm fine, but somebody better stop that beach from twirling around."

  • Chase: (sniffs, sneezes twice) "They're still heading that way! My nose knows."

(Marshall winks downward, a mouse gives its thumbs up and winks back.)

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