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General Info

Priscilla is a female pony who made her debut in "Pups Save a Pony".


Priscilla is Justina and Julius' pony who lives at their ranch. In "Pups Save a Pony", she is spooked as the twins and the PAW Patrol listen to a story about a ghost cowboy. Priscilla then ran off and the following day, they found out that she fell into a ravine, unable to get out. She was then helped by the PAW Patrol.Chase and Skye tracks her scent and prints while Rubble dug her a staircase to help get the pony up the ravine.

Later in the episode, she agreed to help the PAW Patrol get the PAW Patroller out of its perilous position dangling in the ravine. Along with all the pups and their vehicles, Priscilla also helped pull the PAW Patroller back to the ground, using Zuma's buoy as a harness.

After the rescue, the team goes back to the ranch where Justina and Julius thanked the PAW Patrol for bringing their pony home. The team also thanked Priscilla for helping.


Even though Priscilla is a nervous pony, she is helpful and kind. In "Pups Save a Pony", she even helped the PAW Patrol get their vehicle out of danger.


Priscilla is a gray and white pony with pink muzzle and brown eyes. She also has a black mane and hoofs.

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