Pirate Pups on Sea Patrol

Pirate Pups On Sea Patrol

Pirate Pups On Sea Patrol

From Season 4, Episode 19 "Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue"

"Pirate Pups On Sea Patrol" is a song sung by Ryder and the pups in "Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue".



  • Pups: Yo-ho-ho! We are on a roll. Yo-ho-ho! We're pirate pups on Sea Patrol.
  • Ryder: We're sailing cross the ocean blue.
  • Chase: Captain Ryder and his crew.
  • Skye: We're pirate pups!
  • Marshall: But we're not mean.
  • Rubble + Zuma: The nicest dogs of the sea.


  • Marshall: We will brave the stormy seas.
  • Zuma: Riding waves as tall as the trees.
  • Chase: Avast!
  • Rubble: Ahoy!
  • Ryder: And trim the sail.
  • Skye: We'll even help a friendly whale.


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