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Patrulla e putrave (IPA: /patɾuɫa ɛ putɾavɛ/) is the Albanian-dubbed version of PAW Patrol. It is aired on Bang Bang. The dubbing is managed by Jess Discographic.


The names are generally Albanized versions of the original English names but some are also localized names:

Original names Albanian names
Alex Porter Aleksi Porter
Cali Keli
Cap'n Turbot Kapiten Turbot
Chase Ndjekësi
Farmer Yumi Fermeria Jumi
Garbie Garbi
Katie Kejti
Little Hootie Kukuvajka
Mandy Mendi
Marshall Marshalli
Mayor Goodway Kryetar
Mr. Porter Zoti Porter
Rocky Shkëmbi
Rubble Guraleci
Ryder Rajder
Skye Qiellorja
Wally Valli
Zuma Zuma


Season 1

# Original title Albanian title
Title Translation
1A Pups Make a Splash Spërkatja e qenushëve The Splashing of the Puppies
1B Pups Fall Festival Qenushët në festivalin e vjeshtës The Puppies in the Fall Festival
2A Pups Save the Sea Turtles Qenushët shpëtojnë breshkën e detit The Puppies Save the Turtle of the Sea
2B Pups and the Very Big Baby Qenushët dhe këlyshi shumë i madh The Puppies and the Very Big Baby
3A Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe Qenushët dhe kotele tastrofa The Puppies and the Kitty-tastrophe
3B Pups Save a Train Qenushët shpëtojnë një tren The Puppies Save a Train
4A Pup Pup Boogie Kërcimi i qenushëve The Dance of the Puppies
4B Pups in a Fog Qenushët në mjergull The Puppies in a Fog
5A Pup Pup Goose Pata çapkëne The Naughty Goose
5B Pup Pup and Away Fluturim i papritur Sudden Flight
6A Pups on Ice Qenushët në akull The Puppies on Ice
6B Pups and the Snow Monster Qenushët dhe përbindëshi i borës The Puppies and the Snow Monster
7A Pups Save the Circus Qenushët shpëtojnë cirkun The Puppies Save the Circus
7B Pup A Doodle Do Qenushët magjikë The Magical Puppies
8A Pups Pit Crew Qenushët mekanikë The Mechanic Puppies
8B Pups Fight Fire Qenushët luftojnë me zjarrin The Puppies Fight Fire
9A Pups Save the Treats Qenushët shpëtojnë ushqimet The Puppies Save the Foods
9B Pups Get a Lift Qenushët dhe teleferiku The Puppies and the Chairlift
10 Pups and the Ghost Pirate Qenushët dhe pirati fantazëm The Puppies and the Ghost Pirate
11 Pups Save Christmas Qenushët shpëtojnë Krishlindjet The Puppies Save Christmas
12A Pups Get a Rubble Qenushët gjejnë një gërmues The Puppies Find a Digger
12B Pups Save a Walrus Qenushët shpëtojnë një lopë deti The Puppies Save a Walrus
13A Pups Save the Bunnies Qenushët shpëtojnë lepurushët The Puppies Save the Bunnies
13B Pup-tacular Qen-takolar Dog-tacular
14A Pups Save the Bay Qenushët shpëtojnë gjirin The Puppies Save the Bay
14B Pups Save a Goodway Qenushët shpëtojnë një Udhëdrejtë The Puppies Save a Goodway
15A Pups Save a Hoedown Qenushët shpëtojnë vallen popullore The Puppies Save the Popular Folk Dance
15B Pups Save Alex Qenushët shpëtojnë Aleksin The Puppies Save Alex
16A Pups Save a School Day Qenushët shpëtojnë një ditë në shkollë The Puppies Save a School Day
16B Pups Turn on the Lights Qenushët ndezin dritat The Puppies Turn on the Lights
17A Pups Save a Pool Day Qenushët rregullojnë pishinën The Puppies Regulate the Pool
17B Circus Pup-formers Qenushët e cirkut The Circus Puppies
18 Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt Qenushët shpëtojnë gjetjen e vezës së Pashkës The Puppies Save the Easter Egg Search
19A Pups Save a Super Pup Qenushët shpëtojnë një super qenushin The Puppies Save a Super Puppy
19B Pups Save Ryder's Robot Qenushët shpëtojnë robotin e Rajderit The Puppies Save Ryder's Robot
20A Pups Go All Monkey Qenushët shpëtojnë një majmun The Puppies Save a Monkey
20B Pups Save a Hoot Qenushët shpëtojnë një kukuvajkë The Puppies Save a Little Owl
21A Pups Save a Bat Qenushët shpëtojnë një lakuriq nate The Puppies Save a Bat
21B Pups Save a Toof Qenushët shpëtojnë një dhëmb The Puppies Save a Tooth
22A Pups Save the Camping Trip Qenushët shpëtojnë kampinin The Puppies Save Camping
22B Pups and the Trouble with Turtles Qenushët dhe telashi me breshkat The Puppies and the Trouble with the Turtles
23A Pups and the Beanstalk Qenushët dhe kërcelli fasules The Puppies and the Beanstalk
23B Pups Save the Turbots Qenushët shpëtojnë Turbot The Puppies Save Turbot
24A Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie Qenushët dhe kërcimi i farit The Puppies and the Lighthouse Dance
24B Pups Save Ryder Qenushët shpëtojnë Rajderin The Puppies Save Ryder
25A Pups Great Race Gara e madhe e qenushëve The Great Race of the Puppies
25B Pups Take the Cake Qenushët marrin tortën The Puppies Get the Cake
26 Pups and the Pirate Treasure Qenushët dhe thesari i piratëve The Puppies and the Pirate Treasure

Season 2

# Original title Albanian title
Title Translation
1A Pups Save the Penguins
title unavailable
1B Pups Save a Dolphin Pup
title unavailable
2A Pups Save the Space Alien
title unavailable
2B Pups Save a Flying Frog
title unavailable
3A Pups Save Jake
title unavailable
3B Pups Save the Parade
title unavailable
4A Pups Save the Diving Bell
title unavailable
4B Pups Save the Beavers
title unavailable
5A Pups Save a Ghost
title unavailable
5B Pups Save a Show
title unavailable
6 The New Pup
title unavailable
7A Pups Jungle Trouble
title unavailable
7B Pups Save a Herd
title unavailable
8A Pups and the Big Freeze
title unavailable
8B Pups Save a Basketball Game
title unavailable
9A Pups Save an Ace
title unavailable
9B Pups Save a Wedding
title unavailable
10A Pups Save a Talent Show
title unavailable
10B Pups Save the Corn Roast
title unavailable
11A Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone
title unavailable
11B Pups Save the Deer
title unavailable
12A Pups Save the Parrot
title unavailable
12B Pups Save the Queen Bee
title unavailable
13 Pups Save a Mer-pup
title unavailable
14A Pups Save an Elephant Family
title unavailable
14B Pups and the Mischievous Kittens
title unavailable
15A Pups Save a Friend
title unavailable
15B Pups Save a Stowaway
title unavailable
16A Pups' Adventures in Babysitting
title unavailable
16B Pups Save the Fireworks
title unavailable
17A Pups Save a Sniffle
title unavailable
17B Pups and the Ghost Cabin
title unavailable
18A Pups Save an Adventure
title unavailable
18B Pups Save a Surprise
title unavailable
19 Pup-fu! Putra fu Paw-fu
20A Pups Save the Mayor's Race
title unavailable
20B Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot
title unavailable
21A Pups Save Walinda
title unavailable
21B Pups Save a Big Bone
title unavailable
22A Pups Save a Floundering Francois
title unavailable
22B Pups Save the Pop-up Penguins
title unavailable
23A Pups Save a Snowboard Competition
title unavailable
23B Pups Save a Chicken of the Sea
title unavailable
24A Pups Save a Pizza
title unavailable
24B Pups Save Skye
title unavailable
25A Pups Save the Woof and Roll Show
title unavailable
25B Pups Save an Eagle
title unavailable
26 Pups Bark with Dinosaurs
title unavailable



  • Apart from being the title, Patrulla e putrave, which literally means "paw patrol" is also the name of the team.
  • The Albanian dubbing does not have the songs, including the theme song, dubbed, instead leaving the songs with the original English vocals and Albanian subtitles.
  • The title cards of every episode are localized in Albanian. However, several episodes took a different title card background and font.
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