Season Premiere
Canal Panda (Portugal):
September 7, 2015
Nickelodeon (Iberia):
July 4, 2016
Canal Panda (Portugal):
September 19, 2016
Nickelodeon (Iberia):
November 7, 2016

Patrulha Pata (IPA: /pɐˈtɾuʎɐ ˈpatɐ/) is the European Portuguese-dubbed version of PAW Patrol. It is aired on Canal Panda (Portugal) and Nickelodeon (Iberia).


The names are generally the same as the original English names:

Original names European Portuguese names
Ace Sorensen Ace
Alex Porter Alex Porter
Apollo Apollo
Bessie Bessie
Cali Cali
Cap'n Horatio Turbot Capitão Horácio Turbot
Chase Chase
Chickaletta Galinheta
Edwena Edwena
Ellie Ellie
Eunice Eunice
Everest Everest
Farmer Al Sr. Al
Farmer Yumi Sra. Yumi
Francois Turbot François Turbot
Fuzzy Penas
Garbie Garbie
Grover Goodway Grover Goodway
Gustavo Goodway Gustavo Goodway
Jake Jake
Julius Goodway Julius Goodway
Justina Goodway Justina Goodway
Katie Katie
Leo Leo
Little Hootie Engraçadinha
Mandy Mandy
Marshall Marshall
Mayor Goodway Presidente Goodway
Mayor Humdinger Presidente Humdinger
Mr. Porter Sr. Porter
Precious Preciosa
Raimundo Raimundo
Robo-dog Robo-cão (Season 1)
Cão Robô (Season 2)
Rocky Rocky
Rubble Rubble
Ryder Ryder
Santa Claus Pai Natal
Skye Skye
Star Estrela
The Train Engineer O Maquinista
Wally Wally
Zuma Zuma


Characters Actor
Cap'n Turbot Tiago Retré
Chase Sofia Brito
Farmer Al Luís Barros
Farmer Yumi Sofia Brito
Marshall Luís Barros
Rocky Bárbara Lourenço
Rubble Tiago Retré
Ryder Solange Santos
Skye Sandra de Castro
Zuma Tiago Retré


Season 1

# Original title European Portuguese title
Title Translation
1A Pups Make a Splash Mergulho Canino Canine Dive
1B Pups Fall Festival Festival de Outono Canino Canine Fall Festival
2A Pups Save the Sea Turtles O Salvamento das Tartarugas The Rescue of the Turtles
2B Pups and the Very Big Baby O Bebé Muito Grande The Very Big Baby
3A Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe Os Cães e a Gatástrofe The Dogs and the Cat-tastrophe
3B Pups Save a Train O Salvamento do Comboio The Rescue of the Train
4A Pup Pup Boogie A Dancinha dos Cães The Little Dog Dance
4B Pups in a Fog Cães no Nevoeiro Dogs in the Fog
5A Pup Pup Goose O Cão e o Ganso The Dog and the Goose
5B Pup Pup and Away Sobe, Sobe, Balãozinho Rise, Rise, Little Balloon
6A Pups on Ice Cães na Neve Dogs in the Snow
6B Pups and the Snow Monster Os Cães e o Monstro das Neves The Dogs and the Snow Monster
7A Pups Save the Circus Os Cães Salvam o Circo The Dogs Save the Circus
7B Pup A Doodle Do Cão-córócó Dog-a-doodle-do
8A Pups Pit Crew Corrida de Cães Dog Race
8B Pups Fight Fire O Cão Bombeiro The Fire Dog
9A Pups Save the Treats O Salvamento das Guloseimas The Rescue of the Treats
9B Pups Get a Lift O Elevador da Montanha The Mountain Lift
10 Pups and the Ghost Pirate O Fantasma do Barco Pirata The Ghost of the Pirate Ship
11 Pups Save Christmas Os Cães Salvam o Natal The Dogs Save Christmas
12A Pups Get a Rubble Os Cães Conhecem o Rubble The Dogs Meet Rubble
12B Pups Save a Walrus Os Cães Salvam a Morsa The Dogs Save the Walrus
13A Pups Save the Bunnies O Salvamento dos Coelhos The Rescue of the Rabbits
13B Pup-tacular Espeta-cão-lar Specta-dog-ular
14A Pups Save the Bay Os Cães Salvam a Baía The Dogs Save the Bay
14B Pups Save a Goodway Os Cães Salvam a Estátua The Dogs Save the Statue
15A Pups Save a Hoedown Os Cães Salvam a Quadrilha The Dogs Save the Hoedown
15B Pups Save Alex Os Cães Salvam com o Alex The Dogs Rescue with Alex
16A Pups Save a School Day Os Cães Salvam o Dia de Escola The Dogs Save the School Day
16B Pups Turn on the Lights Os Cães e a Eletricidade The Dogs and the Electricity
17A Pups Save a Pool Day Os Cães Salvam o Dia da Piscina The Dogs Save the Pool Day
17B Circus Pup-formers Cães do Circo Dogs of the Circus
18 Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt Os Cães Salvam a Caça aos Ovos da Páscoa The Dogs Save the Hunt After the Easter Eggs
19A Pups Save a Super Pup Os Cães Salvam um Super Cão The Dogs Save a Super Dog
19B Pups Save Ryder's Robot Os Cães Salvam o Robô do Ryder The Dogs Save Ryder's Robot
20A Pups Go All Monkey Os Cães e as Macacadas The Dogs and the Monkey Business
20B Pups Save a Hoot Os Cães Salvam uma Coruja The Dogs Save an Owl
21A Pups Save a Bat Os Cães Salvam um Morcego The Dogs Save a Bat
21B Pups Save a Toof Os Cães Salvam um Dente The Dogs Save a Tooth
22A Pups Save the Camping Trip Os Cães Salvam a Viagem do Campismo The Dogs Save the Camping Trip
22B Pups and the Trouble with Turtles Os Cães e o Problema das Tartarugas The Dogs and the Turtle Problem
23A Pups and the Beanstalk Os Cães e o Pé de Feijão The Dogs and the Beanstalk
23B Pups Save the Turbots Os Cães Salvam os Turbots The Dogs Save the Turbots
24A Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie Os Cães e o Farol The Dogs and the Lighthouse
24B Pups Save Ryder Os Cães Salvam o Ryder The Dogs Save Ryder
25A Pups Great Race A Grande Corrida dos Cães The Big Race of the Dogs
25B Pups Take the Cake Os Cães e o Bolo The Dogs and the Cake
26 Pups and the Pirate Treasure Os Cães e o Tesouro Pirata The Dogs and the Pirate Treasure

Season 2

# Original title European Portuguese title
Title Translation
1A Pups Save the Penguins Os Cães Salvam os Pinguins The Dogs Save the Penguins
1B Pups Save a Dolphin Pup Os Cães Salvam um Golfinho Bebé The Dogs Save a Baby Dolphin
2A Pups Save the Space Alien Os Cães Salvam um Extraterrestre The Dogs Save an Extraterrestrial
2B Pups Save a Flying Frog Os Cães Salvam um Sapo Voador The Dogs Save a Flying Frog
3A Pups Save Jake Os Cães Salvam o Jake The Dogs Save Jake
3B Pups Save the Parade Os Cães Salvam o Desfile The Dogs Save the Parade
4A Pups Save the Diving Bell Os Cães Salvam o Sino de Mergulho The Dogs Save the Diving Bell
4B Pups Save the Beavers Os Cães Salvam os Castores The Dogs Save the Beavers
5A Pups Save a Ghost Os Cães Salvam um Fantasma The Dogs Save a Ghost
5B Pups Save a Show Os Cães Salvam o Espetáculo The Dogs Save the Show
6 The New Pup O Cão Novo The New Dog
7A Pups Jungle Trouble Os Cães Têm Problemas na Selva The Dogs Have Problems in the Jungle
7B Pups Save a Herd Os Cães Salvam um Rebanho The Dogs Save a Herd
8A Pups and the Big Freeze Os Cães e a Vaga de Frio The Dogs and the Cold Wave
8B Pups Save a Basketball Game Os Cães e o Jogo de Basquetebol The Dogs and the Basketball Game
9A Pups Save an Ace Os Cães Salvam um Ás The Dogs Save an Ace
9B Pups Save a Wedding Os Cães Salvam um Casamento The Dogs Save a Wedding
10A Pups Save a Talent Show Os Cães Salvam um Concurso de Talentos The Dogs Save a Talent Competition
10B Pups Save the Corn Roast Os Cães Salvam o Festival de Milho The Dogs Save the Corn Festival
11A Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone Os Cães Deixam o Marshall Sozinho em Casa The Dogs Leave Marshall Home Alone
11B Pups Save the Deer Os Cães Salvam os Veados The Dogs Save the Deer
12A Pups Save the Parrot Os Cães Salvam o Papagaio The Dogs Save the Parrot
12B Pups Save the Queen Bee Os Cães Salvam a Abelha-Mestra The Dogs Save the Queen Bee
13 Pups Save a Mer-pup Os Cães Salvam uma Cadela Sereia The Dogs Save a Mer-dog
14A Pups Save an Elephant Family Os Cães Salvam uma Família de Elefantes The Dogs Save an Elephant Family
14B Pups and the Mischievous Kittens Os Cães e os Gatinhos Traquinas The Dogs and the Prankster Kitties
15A Pups Save a Friend Os Cães Salvam um Amigo The Dogs Save a Friend
15B Pups Save a Stowaway Os Cães Salvam uma Passageira Clandestina The Dogs Save a Stowaway
16A Pups' Adventures in Babysitting Os Cães Tornam-se Amas The Dogs Become Babysitters
16B Pups Save the Fireworks Os Cães Salvam o Fogo de Artifício The Dogs Save the Firework
17A Pups Save a Sniffle Cães Adoentados Sick Dogs
17B Pups and the Ghost Cabin Os Cães e o Fantasma da Cabana The Dogs and the Ghost of the Cabin
18A Pups Save an Adventure Os Cães Salvam uma Aventura The Dogs Save an Adventure
18B Pups Save a Surprise Os Cães Salvam uma Surpresa The Dogs Save a Surprise
19 Pup-fu! Cão-fu Dog-fu
20A Pups Save the Mayor's Race Os Cães Salvam a Corrida de Presidente The Dogs Save the Mayor Race
20B Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot Os Cães Salvam o Tesouro de um Criminoso The Dogs Save the Treasure of a Criminal
21A Pups Save Walinda Os Cães Salvam a Walinda The Dogs Save Walinda
21B Pups Save a Big Bone Os Cães Salvam um Osso Grande The Dogs Save a Big Bone
22A Pups Save a Floundering Francois Os Cães Salvam o François em Apuros The Dogs Save Francois in Trouble
22B Pups Save the Pop-up Penguins Os Cães Salvam os Pinguins Clandestinos The Dogs Save the Stowaway Penguins
23A Pups Save a Snowboard Competition Os Cães Salvam uma Competição de Snowboard The Dogs Save a Snowboard Competition
23B Pups Save a Chicken of the Sea Os Cães Salvam uma Galinha do Mar The Dogs Save a Chicken of the Sea
24A Pups Save a Pizza Os Cães Salvam uma Pizza The Dogs Save a Pizza
24B Pups Save Skye Os Cães Salvam a Skye The Dogs Save Skye
25A Pups Save the Woof and Roll Show Os Cães Salvam o Espetáculo Canino The Dogs Save the Canine Show
25B Pups Save an Eagle Os Cães Salvam uma Águia The Dogs Save an Eagle
26 Pups Bark with Dinosaurs Os Cães Ladram com Dinossauros The Dogs Bark with Dinosaurs


PAW Patrol Theme Song European Portuguese00:41

PAW Patrol Theme Song European Portuguese


  • Apart from being the title, Patrulha Pata, which literally means "paw patrol" is also the name of the team.

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