Parroting Pups

PAW Patrol 321A Scene 16


  • Rubble (singing a song): "And a slithery snake like this sticks its tongue out and says..."
  • Rocky: (Coughs)
  • Rubble: "Um, Rocky, that sounded more froggy than snakey."

  • Matea: (Squawks) "Ryder, it's me, Carlos!"
  • Ryder: "Um, okay."
  • Matea: (Squawks) "When you get to the jungle, there's a surprise for you."
  • Carlos: "I mean, surprise besides a talking parrot."

  • Marshall: "She sounds just like you, Carlos!"
  • Matea: (Squawks) "She sounds just like you, Carlos!" (Squawks)
  • Rubble: "Or just like you, Marshall!"

  • Rocky (With a scratchy throat): "Green means go!"
  • Ryder: (Giggles) "I hear you, Rocky."
  • Rubble: "Me too, but, just barely."

  • Rocky: "Woo-hoo!" (Clears throat) "Check out my flying surfboard!"

  • Marshall: "Arf, arf! Water!"
  • Matea (copying Marshall): "Squawk! Water!"
  • (Matea activates Marshall's water cannon, and it sprays Zuma.)
  • Zuma: "Thanks, Marshall. That totally cooled me off."