Social media pages operated by Spin Master to help fans learn more about PAW Patrol have been set up on the most popular social websites. Below is a list of the pages, with images and descriptions.

@PAWPatrolNews on Twitter


Originally called "Mom Patrol," PAW Patrol News was set up on February 9, 2015. It usually posts pictures of upcoming toys or episodes, although it occasionally features content such as an artist's drawing of Chase and a Cap'n Turbot Halloween costume. It only follows other Spin Master brands and toy companies.

PAW Patrol on Facebook


The PAW Patrol Facebook page was created on July 2, 2013, before the show premiered. It normally reposts Nick Jr. photos and is run by Nick Jr. rather than Spin Master. It only puts "likes" on sponsors, Spin Master brands and Nick Jr. pages.

@PAWPatrolNews on Instagram


Originally "Official_PAW_Patrol," the PAW Patrol News Instagram is very similar to the Twitter account of the same name. It posts selected images from the PAWPatrolNews Twitter, in addition to some exclusive content. It only follows Spin Master brands, toy-related pages and a PAW Patrol sea-themed gallery called @capnturbot.

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