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In the event that SirBlaze (the primary administrator) becomes unavailable to manage the PAW Patrol Wiki for a long period of time, for whatever reason, Tbrays30 will become the temporary or new head admin, depending on the situation. If Tbrays30 is unavailable for the position, MarshallsiAnjingBomba will take the position instead. Pablor is also trusted to take full responsibility of the wiki along with whoever becomes the temporary head admin. More admins and users have been considered for this position but are not listed here.

This plan shall only be enacted if SirBlaze is unavailable through any form of contact for two weeks after his last contribution. If his activity on the wiki weakens for such periods of time, but another administrator is able to contact him through another source, the plan shall not be enacted as he is still ultimately paying attention towards the welfare and status of the wiki.

My electronic signature is displayed below to serve as proof and confirmation of this plan should it ever be enacted.

 SirBlaze  Talk  PAW Patrol  22:48,10/2/2016  22:48, October 2, 2016 (UTC)