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On the PAW Patrol Wiki, you are free to edit pages (except ones that have been admin-protected due to previous vandalism) However, there are a few things that you should know when editing.


  • Do not:
    • Put random characters in pages (eg. eddffw3832)
    • Put fake pictures on Galleries. Taking pictures of your television is also unacceptable.
    • Put anything relating to relationships; most are made up by fans.
    • Put just one letter in a random section (eg. G)
    • Blank pages (removing all text on a page and publishing it)
    • Make every word capitalized
    • Create Blank Pages (eg. Making "Pups Save a Flying Frog/Images" without doing anything)
  • If an administrator is editing several pages relating to a similar category at once(eg. Adding a template to infoboxes for actors) do not try to finish the rest for them unless they ask you to. Usually, an admin is appointed to do the specific job.
  • Every page is required to have a "UserPageBox". A UserPageBox is a template that was created to make a page have it's own color. Many characters have their own UserPageBox with their respective colors (eg. Marshall has a red one.) Without a UserPageBox template, a page will appear to be clear, which doesn't look great.
    • To place a UserPageBox on a page, simply put { { UserPageBox } } (no spaces) with the character's name at the end. (eg. { { UserPageBoxSkye } } ) This template must be put at the very top of the page. NOTE: this must be done in Source Mode in order to work. It will not work if you put it in Visual mode.
  • When making a page, please do not put something silly/useless on it. The admins (or someone else) has to go in and correct it if it happens. Please make our lives easier by actually putting content into a page.

  • When working on an infobox template in the source editor (which we recommend), do not put the entire template on one line, like this:

Instead, please space out each line of information by pressing the Enter key, or the Return key, like this:



  • Please remember that this wiki is for English speakers only. When editing, please be sure to use the English language only.
  • Please spell everything correctly and use proper grammar.
    • Try not to use run-on sentences.
    • Try not to use incomplete sentences.
  • Please put quotation marks around episode names. However, this is not necessary for gallery lists, appearance lists, or comments.
  • An edit summary is not required. However, if you are making several edits of the same sort (eg. Rearranging episode numbers to the correct ones) it is best to add an edit summary once or twice so an admin won't have to check every page.


If you fail to follow any of these rules, it is fine with our admins as long as it's a one-time thing. If you constantly edit pages to make them look bad, you may be blocked from the Wiki. Any edit that is against these rules will be reverted using Rollback.

Have fun editing!

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