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Hello and welcome to the PAW Patrol Wiki. The PAW Patrol Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about Nickelodeon's popular kid's TV series PAW Patrol. Join us and learn more about the PAW Patrol and the city of Adventure Bay. People are free to contribute to this wiki by adding pages, editing pages and adding images, videos and files about PAW Patrol. Currently, today is 01-25-2015.

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If you wish to join the PAW Patrol Wiki, and promise not to vandalize, say anything bad or nasty, and post anything un-PAW Patrol related, you must understand the PAW Patrol Pledge: "In dark of night, in light of day, We, The PAW Patrol will serve Adventure Bay. From runaway trains to stranded whales, We'll rush to the rescue with wagging tails. If danger is near, just give a yelp! The PAW Patrol is here to help!"
The OFFICIAL PAW Patrol Pledge00:31

The OFFICIAL PAW Patrol Pledge

Featured Episode: Pups Go All Monkey

Pups Go All Monkey

Pups Go All Monkey (HD)


"Pups Go All Monkey" is the 1st half of the 19th episode in Season 1 of PAW Patrol. It premiered on February 8th, 2014 in Canada, March 5th, 2014 in the US and 28 March 2014 in the UK.

A monkey named Mandy has escaped the train car that is supposed to be taking her to the zoo. She is now driving Mr. Porter's van around Adventure Bay, and it's up to the PAW Patrol to catch her.


Featured Quotes: Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt

  • Marshall: "Arf! Arf! Water cannon!"
  • Rocky: "Almost ready!"
  • Ryder: *fills Marshall's water cans with paint* "Okay Marshall, fire away!"
  • Marshall: "Arf! Arf!" *sprays paint on all the eggs, and accidentally gets paint on Rocky*
  • Rocky: "Noooooo!!!"
  • Skye: "Rocky, those colors look egg-cellent on you!"
  • Rocky: "Pink and yellow don't work for this fellow."

  • Rocky: *steps out of easter basket, slips and begins to fall off the mountain*
  • Ryder: *in panic* "CHASE!!! NET!!"
  • Chase: "Net!! Ruff!" *Chase's net deploys and saves Rocky*
  • Ryder: *in relief* "Yes!"

  • Marshall:*looks at the eagle* "She doesn't even blink." *shivers* "Ugh, freaky."

  • Chase: "I guess I was overly egg-cited."
  • Rocky: "Wah, wah, wah!"

  • Skye: "Ryder needs us!"
  • Zuma: "Let's hop to it!" (They hop into the elevator)

  • Marshall: "Chickaleta, come on out! Olly, olly, chicken feet!"

Featured Character: Mama Hooty

Mama Hooty

Mama Hooty with her son

Owl, Mother of Little Hooty

Mama Hooty is the mother of Little Hooty. She was the owl who was stuck in the tree in "Pups Save a Hoot." She is a female owl.

Mama Hooty is the loving and caring mother of Little Hooty. She got very worried when Little Hooty was carried away by the wind in "Pups Save a Hoot." She lives in a tree with her son.

Mama Hooty looks very similar to her son. She has light purple colored fur with darker purple wings. She has brown eyes with a yellowish background. She has a yellow beak and feet, and she is taller than her son. Her chest fur is white and is in the shape of a heart.

Featured Photo

Featured Photo


Marshall, dressed up as a frenchman.

Here is the featured photo for the homepage, which is updated periodically (meaning every once in a while). This photo is worthy enough to show all our new visitors! Want to see one of your favorite pictures as the Featured Photo? Send it to our main admin, SirBlaze, on his message wall! He will likely accept your request, as long as it meets our standards.


Music Player (PAW Patrol Theme Song)

(PAW Patrol Theme Song)

(Instrumental PAW Patrol Theme Song)


Did You Know?

  • Ursula Ziegler Sullivan has written the most episodes for the series.
  • Chase has new Super Spy gear for Season 2.
  • Marshall has new medical gear for Season 2.
  • Zuma has a new submarine.
  • The original copyright for this show was filed on March 7, 2012.
  • This show was originally going to be called "Ryder's Paw Patrol"
  • The "PAW" in PAW Patrol means either "Pups At Work" or "Protect and Wag", according to trademarks filed by Spin Master.
  • The PAW Patrol has a big fanbase of teenagers and adults. This show isn't just for kids!

Featured Video

Paw Patrol - Look out Playset - Spin Master00:31

Paw Patrol - Look out Playset - Spin Master

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