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Welcome to the PAW Patrol Wiki!

Hello and welcome to the PAW Patrol Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia about Nickelodeon's popular children's TV series PAW Patrol, which began on August 12, 2013. Join us and learn more about the PAW Patrol and the city of Adventure Bay. People are free to contribute to this wiki by adding or editing pages and by adding images, videos and files relating to PAW Patrol. We are one of the most reliable sources for PAW Patrol information on the internet!

With pages containing info about characters, episodes, locations, toys, voice actors, writers, international dubs, timelines & more, the PAW Patrol Wiki is the place to explore!

Rules & Guidelines

In order to use this wiki, you must abide by our guidelines, which can be found here, and the guidelines for our chat can be found here. If you continuously fail to follow the rules, there may be consequences. We also have some guidelines and tips for editing pages. If you ever notice something suspicious about a user, or if someone is vandalizing the wiki, please report this to SirBlaze, Tbrays30, SonictheHedgehog1245, or MarshallsiAnjingBomba. They'll take care of it from there.

Meet the Characters!

Meet and learn about the pups and their friends! Click on a character below to go to their page.

Ryder Profile2
Skye Profile2
Rubble Profile2
Chase Profile2
Rocky Profile2
Zuma Profile2
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PAW Patrol Pledge

To be a part of the "PAWpulation", you should follow the PAW Patrol's official pledge: "In dark of night, in light of day, we, the PAW Patrol will serve Adventure Bay. From runaway trains to stranded whales, we'll rush to the rescue with wagging tails. If danger is near, just give a yelp! The PAW Patrol is here to help!"
The OFFICIAL PAW Patrol Pledge00:31

The OFFICIAL PAW Patrol Pledge

Featured Episode (April 2017): Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt

Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt

Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt (HD)

Patrulla e putrave Qenushët shpëtojnë gjetjen e vezës së Pashkës

PAW Patrol La Pat' Patrouille La Grande Chasse aux œufs de Pâques

PAW Patrol – Helfer auf vier Pfoten Die Ostereiersuche

מפרץ ההרפתקאות הגורים מצילים את ציד ביצי חג הפסחא

PAW Patrol I cuccioli salvano la caccia alle uova di Pasqua

퍼피 구조대 퍼피 구조대와 부활절 달걀

Những chú chó cứu hộ Cứu lễ săn trứng Phục Sinh

Season 1, Episode 18

"Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt" is the 18th episode in Season 1 of PAW Patrol.

It's Adventure Bay’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and the pups are helping Mayor Goodway with the egg decorating. The hunt for a very special egg leads Ryder and the PAW Patrol on an exciting adventure.


Featured Character (April 2017): Sweetie


Quest for the Crown 12

Pet of the Princess of Barkingburg

Sweetie is a female dog who is the pet of the Princess of Barkingburg. She is a villain who attempted to take over Barkingburg in the Mission PAW subseries of PAW Patrol.

Sweetie is shown to be antagonistic and sneaky. She tends to fake being nice when around the princess and earl. She doesn't appear to be afraid of the PAW Patrol, as she has invited them to "catch" her after stealing the Barkingburg royal crown. When Sweetie laughs, it ends with a snort. She also uses her cuteness to trick the princess and the Earl of Barkingburg into thinking that Chase stole the crown, after she was caught red handed by him and she trapped him into the castle basement. The Princess and Earl were none the wiser and didn't hesitate to believe her lies. The Princess then 'crowned' Sweetie the Queen, thinking Sweetie was just pretending and let her wear it as reward, for 'saving' the crown from Chase. Sweetie then ordered the butler to get her one hundred hamburgers and bones, as she lazed about on the throne. However, her reign was short lived, when to her shock, the PAW Patrol rescued Chase and exposed her plan to the Princess and Earl, thanks to Chase's bow pup tag recording hers and Chase's conversation. The Princess soon demanded that Sweetie returned the crown, but Sweetie mockingly told her and the PAW Patrol that they have to catch her first and she made a run for it. She soon got into a FI race car like vehicle with Ryder, Zuma and Skye on her tail. When she found out, her car turned into a chopper and tried to fly away, but Skye followed after her. Sweetie tried to shake her off by flying upside down, but the crown fell off of her head. Sweetie freed herself from the seatbelt in an attempt to catch the crown, but Skye beat her to it and Sweetie landed on an air bed provided by Chase. In the end, Sweetie was seen in her doghouse, surrounded by golden bars and she began to blame Busby for everything, but she hugged him anyway. She owns a robotic toy frog named Busby and toy kittens that she considers her minions.

Sweetie is a smaller puppy (presumably around Skye's size). She has white fur, purple eyes, pink eye shadow on her eyelids, and a dark brown nose. She has pointy triangular ears with fluff on the inside and fluff on each of her cheeks. Her casual outfit is a magenta tiara and a magenta collar with a pink "crown" attached to it. The 'crown' acts as a remote control to control Busby and it glows when activated. Her Mission PAW uniform is a black suit with pink and white trim.


Featured Toy (April 2017): Real Talking Tracker plush



Released in 2016.

PAW Patrol is on a Roll! Now you can bring home your favorite PAW Patrol Pup with Real Talking Tracker! Just squeeze Tracker's badge to hear phrases directly from the PAW Patrol show! Perfect for bedtime or playtime, Tracker comes with you wherever you go and helps you on all of your PAW Patrol adventures throughout the day! Each Real Talking plush Pup comes with a badge, their PAW Patrol vest and hat.

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  • (1/31/2017): The PAW Patrol Wiki now has an updated background and navigation bar banner, including Everest and Tracker! Thanks, Pablor!
  • (1/28/2017): Season 4 begins February 6th!
  • (1/1/2017): Happy New Year from the PAW Patrol Wiki!
  • (12/15/2016): #ThankYouAlex: It has been announced that Alex Thorne will no longer be voicing Zuma, and will soon be replaced by his younger brother Carter. We, the "PAWpulation", congratulate Alex on 3 years of doing an outstanding job as the voice of Zuma, and wish his brother well on his upcoming role!
  • (8/15/2016): A fifth season has been confirmed!

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Did You Know?

  • 173,969 edits have been made since PAW Patrol Wiki was founded on August 1, 2013.*A satirical version of PAW Patrol was featured in a skit on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken.
  • A 30 second PAW Patrol animated short recently aired on TV Land to promote the second season of The Jim Gaffigan Show.
  • A fourth season has been confirmed.
  • Ursula Ziegler-Sullivan has written the most episodes for the series.
  • For the series' third season, Samuel Faraci has replaced Stuart Ralston as Rocky's voice actor.
  • The original copyright for this show was filed on March 7, 2012.
  • According to trademarks filed by Spin Master, the "PAW" in PAW Patrol stands for either "Pups At Work" or "Protect And Wag."

Featured Video

PAW Patroller TV Commercial00:41

PAW Patroller TV Commercial

Featured Photo (April 2017)


From Season 2, Episode 6: "The New Pup"

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What is your opinion on Sweetie, the royal pup that plots to take over Barkingburg in the Mission PAW series?

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So far, Build-a-Bear Workshop has released Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble, and Everest plush toys. Who do you hope gets released next?

The poll was created at 00:57 on October 29, 2016, and so far 187 people voted.

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