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Hello and welcome to the PAW Patrol Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia about Nickelodeon's popular children's TV series PAW Patrol, which began on August 12, 2013. Join us and learn more about the PAW Patrol and the city of Adventure Bay. People are free to contribute to this wiki by adding or editing pages and by adding images, videos and files relating to PAW Patrol. We are one of the most reliable sources for PAW Patrol information on the internet! We have the latest news on episodes, their premiere dates, and especially, toys!

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In order to use this Wiki, you must abide by our rules. The general rules can be found here, and the rules for our chat can be found here. If you fail to follow the rules, you may have to suffer the consequences. We also have some rules and tips for editing pages. If you ever notice something suspicious about a user, or if someone is vandalizing the wiki, please report this to SonictheHedgehog1245, Hornean, SirBlaze, GoldenLatias6, Berkley Official, AlexThorne2001, Kittyfalcon, Tbrays30, Pablor, WildernessRescuerJonathan, MarshallsiAnjingBomba or WithInVisibility. They'll take care of it from there.

Meet the Characters!

Meet and learn about the pups and their friends! Click on a character below to go to their page.

PAW Patrol Pledge

If you wish to join our wiki, you must understand the PAW Patrol's official pledge: "In dark of night, in light of day, we, the PAW Patrol, will serve Adventure Bay. From runaway trains to stranded whales, we'll rush to the rescue with wagging tails. If danger is near, just give a yelp! The PAW Patrol is here to help!"
The OFFICIAL PAW Patrol Pledge00:31

The OFFICIAL PAW Patrol Pledge

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Weekly Polls from earlier weeks can be found in this archive. Here, you can vote on our fanbase name, and give us feedback about the wiki.

Week 43 (January 31)

In a "per season" sense, how would you like (or would have liked), "PAW Patrol" to go about with its use of non-protagonist characters?

The poll was created at 10:20 on January 31, 2016, and so far 44 people voted.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Weekly Poll, please contact WithInVisibility about them.

Featured Episode (February 2016): Pups Save a Surprise

Pups Save a Surprise

Pups Save a Surprise (HD)

Season 2, Episode 18B: April 9, 2015

"Pups Save a Surprise" is the 2nd half of the 18th episode in Season 2 of PAW Patrol. It premiered in the US on April 9, 2015, in Canada on May 27, 2015, and in the UK on 1 October 2015.

It's just another regular day in Adventure Bay as the PAW Patrol is called to duty. First they have to help Mr. Porter who has his rump stuck in a stump which turns out to be the home of a neighborhood skunk! Luckily, Marshall's water cannons can be filled with tomato juice. After that stinky rescue, they're called to City Hall to get Chickaletta down from the top of the building. As Chase's net catches the falling fowl, all the pups notice that City Hall has been decorated for a big celebration. Surprise! It's PAW Patrol Appreciation Day. Pup Pup Hooray!


Featured Character (February 2016): Precious' Owner

Precious' Owner

Precious' Owner

Local Adventure Bay resident, caretaker of Precious

Precious' Owner is a little girl whose name is currently unknown. She likes to play with her friend, Alex Porter. She lives in Adventure Bay.

She loves her kitten Precious. She is friends with Alex, but they tend to argue a lot.

Precious' Owner is a little girl who has brown hair with a ponytail and green eyes. She wears blue pants and a pink colored shirt with magenta trim. In a few episodes, she can be seen wearing a red one-piece swimsuit with a rabbit on the front and a pink and white plaid skirt.


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  • Season 2 has concluded in the United States and Canada, and Season 3 is currently underway!

Did You Know?

  • Ursula Ziegler-Sullivan has written the most episodes for the series.
  • For the series' third season, Samuel Faraci has replaced Stuart Ralston as Rocky's voice actor.
  • Three of four aired episodes of the third season have been written by debuting writers.
  • The original copyright for this show was filed on March 7, 2012.
  • According to trademarks filed by Spin Master, the "PAW" in PAW Patrol stands for either "Pups At Work" or "Protect And Wag."

Featured Video

PAW Patroller TV Commercial00:41

PAW Patroller TV Commercial

Featured Photo (January 2016)

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The poll was created at 12:00 on January 1, 2016, and so far 106 people voted.
How excited are you for the debut of Tracker in Season 3, in comparison to your excitement for Everest's Season 2 debut?

The poll was created at 08:45 on November 1, 2015, and so far 135 people voted.

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