PAW Patrol Academy

PAW Patrol Academy

Released June 29, 2015

PAW Patrol Academy is a game that is on Nick Jr's website. It was released to the public on June 29, 2015. The game can be played here:

Playable Characters


It's PAW Patrol Training Day! It is the player's mission to help the pups on their training challenges, namely:

  1. Chase's Police Pup Challenge: Stroll the highway and rescue the nine ducklings on the road, avoiding obstacles like traffic cones and mud puddles. Each three ducklings you rescued will be transferred to the PAW Patroller.
  2. Marshall's Fire Rescue Challenge: Aim Marhshall's water cannon at the fires of a burning three-storey building. Put out as many fires before time runs out, avoiding the 'no splash' sign.
  3. Skye's High-flying Challenge: Air-lift nine turtles before they float away, avoiding obstacles like birds and kites. For every three turtles rescued, a hot air balloon appears.
  4. Rocky's Recycling Challenge: Sort as much garbage, recycling and compost before time runs out. Garbage goes to the gray bin, recycling goes to the blue one ,and compost like fruit and vegetables go to the green bin. Avoid turtles and booby birds that occasionally pop up.
  5. Rubble's Construction Challenge: Use Rubble's crane to lift blocks and pile them up to the top before time runs out.

After helping the pups finish their training, the player clicks all the pups to give them their badges. The player then is given an option to play again or print badges.