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General Info


Main Members

  • Ryder
    • Ryder (01): A ten-year old boy who is a computer tech-wiz and an inventor. He also leads the team.
  • Chasehjj
    • Chase (02): The mature and serious German Shepherd with the skills of a police dog, traffic cop, and super spy.
  • Marshallpng
    • Marshall (03): The clumsy, but big-hearted Dalmatian with the skills of a fire-pup and medic.
  • Skye
    • Skye (04): The graceful, cute, and smart Cockapoo with the skills of a pilot.
  • Rocky
    • Rocky (05): The aquaphobic, but enthusiastic and resourceful mixed breed with eco skills.
  • Rubble
    • Rubble (06): The gruff-looking, but sweet and athletic English Bulldog with the skills of a construction pup.
  • Zuma
    • Zuma (07): The water- and laughter-loving Chocolate Lab with swimming and diving skills and any other skills of a lifeguard.

Additional Members

Other/"Honorary" Members

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