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PAW Patrol is the Indonesian-dubbed version of PAW Patrol. It is aired on Nickelodeon (Indonesia and Malaysia) and Global TV.


The names are generally the same as the original English names:

Original names Indonesian names
Ace Sorensen Ace Sorensen
Alex Porter Alex Porter
Apollo Apollo
Bessie Bessie
Bettina Bettina
Cali Cali
Cap'n Horatio Turbot Kapten Horatio Turbot
Captain Blackfur Kapten Blackfur
Carlos Carlos
Chase Chase
Chickaletta Chickaletta
Chompy Chompy
Cornelius "Corny" Cornelius "Corny"
Edwena Edwena
Ellie Ellie
Emma Emma
Eunice Eunice
Everest Everest
Farmer Al Petani Al
Farmer Yumi Petani Yumi
Peternak Yumi (Season 1 Episodes 6 and 7)
Francois Turbot Francois Turbot
Fuzzy Fuzzy
Garbie Garbie
Gilda Gilda
Grover Goodway Grover Goodway
Gustavo Goodway Gustavo Goodway
Jake Jake
Julius Goodway Julius Goodway
Justina "Julia" Goodway Justina "Julia" Goodway
Katie Katie
Leo Leo
Little Hootie Hootie Kecil
Luke Stars Luke Stars
Mandy Mandy
Marley Marley
Marshall Marshall
Matea Matea
Mayor Goodway Mayor Goodway
Wali Kota Goodway (Season 1 Episode 14–)
Mayor Humdinger Mayor Humdinger
Wali Kota Humdinger (Season 1 Episode 25–)
Mr. Porter Pak Porter
Tn. Porter (Season 1 Episodes 7 and 25; Season 2 Episode 10)
Precious Precious
Raimundo Raimundo
Robo-dog Robo-dog
Rocky Rocky
Rubble Rubble
Ryder Ryder
Santa Claus Santa Claus
Seabee Seabee
Skye Skye
Smiley Smiley
Star Star
Sylvia Sylvia
Terrance "Terry" Terrance "Terry"
The Train Engineer Masinis
Walinda Walinda
Wally Wally
Zuma Zuma


Season 1

# Original title Indonesian title
Title Translation
1A Pups Make a Splash Anak-anak Anjing Membuat Percikan Puppies Make a Splash
1B Pups Fall Festival Festival Musim Gugur Fall Festival
2A Pups Save the Sea Turtles Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Kura-kura Laut Puppies Save the Sea Turtles
2B Pups and the Very Big Baby
no official spoken title (See the Errors section)
3A Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Anak Kucing Puppies Save a Kitten
3B Pups Save a Train Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Kereta Puppies Save a Train
4A Pup Pup Boogie Pup Pup Boogie Pup Pup Boogie
4B Pups in a Fog Anak Anjing di Dalam Kabut Puppies in a Fog
5A Pup Pup Goose Anak Anjing dan Angsa Puppies and Geese
5B Pup Pup and Away Pup Pup dan Pergi Pup Pup and Away
6A Pups on Ice Anak Anjing di Atas Es Puppies on Ice
6B Pups and the Snow Monster Anak Anjing dan Monster Salju Puppies and the Snow Monster
7A Pups Save the Circus Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Sirkus Puppies Save the Circus
7B Pup A Doodle Do Tarian Doodle Do Doodle Do Dance
8A Pups Pit Crew Anak Anjing Petugas Pit Pit Crew Puppies
8B Pups Fight Fire Petugas Pemadam Kebakaran Firefighters
9A Pups Save the Treats Menyelamatkan Mobil Makanan Save the Food Van
9B Pups Get a Lift Anak Anjing Menggunakan Lift Puppies Use a Lift
10 Pups and the Ghost Pirate Anak Anjing dan Hantu Bajak Laut Puppies and the Ghost Pirate
11 Pups Save Christmas Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Natal Puppies Save Christmas
12A Pups Get a Rubble Pups Mendapatkan Rubble Pups Get Rubble
12B Pups Save a Walrus Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Walrus Puppies Save a Walrus
13A Pups Save the Bunnies Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Anak Kelinci Puppies Save the Bunnies
13B Pup-tacular Pup-tacular Pup-tacular
14A Pups Save the Bay Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Teluk Puppies Save the Bay
14B Pups Save a Goodway Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Wali Kota Goodway Puppies Save Mayor Goodway
15A Pups Save a Hoedown Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Hoedown Puppies Save a Hoedown
15B Pups Save Alex Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Alex Puppies Save Alex
16A Pups Save a School Day Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Hari Sekolah Puppies Save a School Day
16B Pups Turn on the Lights Anak Anjing Menyalakan Lampu Puppies Turn on the Lights
17A Pups Save a Pool Day Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Kolam Renang Puppies Save the Swimming Pool
17B Circus Pup-formers Anak Anjing Bermain Sirkus Puppies Play the Circus
18 Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt
no official spoken title (See the Errors section)
19A Pups Save a Super Pup Menyelamatkan Anak Anjing Super Saving a Super Puppy
19B Pups Save Ryder's Robot Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Robot Ryder Puppies Save Ryder's Robot
20A Pups Go All Monkey Anak Anjing Mengejar Monyet Puppies Chase a Monkey
20B Pups Save a Hoot Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Hoot Puppies Save a Hoot
21A Pups Save a Bat Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Kelelawar Puppies Save a Bat
21B Pups Save a Toof Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Toof(See the Errors section) Puppies Save a Toof
22A Pups Save the Camping Trip Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Perjalanan Berkemah Puppies Save the Camping Trip
22B Pups and the Trouble with Turtles Masalah dari Kura-kura Problems from Turtles
23A Pups and the Beanstalk Anak Anjing dan Pohon Kacang Puppies and the Beanstalk
23B Pups Save the Turbots Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Turbot Puppies Save Turbot
24A Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie Anak Anjing dan Mercusuar Puppies and the Lighthouse
24B Pups Save Ryder Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Ryder Puppies Save Ryder
25A Pups Great Race Balapan Anak Anjing Puppies' Race
25B Pups Take the Cake Anak Anjing Bawa Kue Puppies Bring the Cake
26 Pups and the Pirate Treasure Anak Anjing dan Harta Karun Bajak Laut Puppies and the Pirate Treasure

Season 2

# Original title Indonesian title
Title Translation
1A Pups Save the Penguins Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Penguin Puppies Save the Penguins
1B Pups Save a Dolphin Pup Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Anak Lumba-lumba Puppies Save a Dolphin Pup
2A Pups Save the Space Alien Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Makhluk Luar Angkasa Puppies Save the Space Alien
2B Pups Save a Flying Frog Menyelamatkan Katak Terbang Saving a Flying Frog
3A Pups Save Jake Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Jake Puppies Save Jake
3B Pups Save the Parade Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Parade Puppies Save the Parade
4A Pups Save the Diving Bell Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Bel Selam Puppies Save the Diving Bell
4B Pups Save the Beavers Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Berang-berang Puppies Save the Beavers
5A Pups Save a Ghost Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Hantu Puppies Save a Ghost
5B Pups Save a Show Selamatkan Pertunjukan Save the Show
6 The New Pup Anak Anjing Baru New Puppy
7A Pups Jungle Trouble Masalah Hutan Anak Anjing Puppies' Jungle Trouble
7B Pups Save a Herd Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Kawanan Puppies Save a Herd
8A Pups and the Big Freeze Anak Anjing dan Big Freeze(See the Errors section) Puppies and the Big Freeze
8B Pups Save a Basketball Game Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Permainan Basket Puppies Save a Basketball Game
9A Pups Save an Ace Menyelamatkan Ace Saving Ace
9B Pups Save a Wedding Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Pernikahan Puppies Save a Wedding
10A Pups Save a Talent Show Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Pertunjukan Bakat Puppies Save a Talent Show
10B Pups Save the Corn Roast Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Jagung Bakar Puppies Save the Corn Roast
11A Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone Meninggalkan Marshall Sendirian di Rumah Leaving Marshall Home Alone
11B Pups Save the Deer Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Rusa Puppies Save the Deer
12A Pups Save the Parrot Menyelamatkan Burung Kakaktua Puppies Save the Parrot
12B Pups Save the Queen Bee Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Ratu Lebah Puppies Save the Queen Bee
13 Pups Save a Mer-pup Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Mer-pup Puppies Save a Mer-pup
14A Pups Save an Elephant Family Menyelamatkan Keluarga Gajah Saving an Elephant Family
14B Pups and the Mischievous Kittens Anak Anjing dan Anak Kucing Nakal Puppies and the Naughty Kittens
15A Pups Save a Friend Menyelamatkan Seorang Teman Saving a Friend
15B Pups Save a Stowaway Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Penumpang Gelap Puppies Save a Stowaway
16A Pups' Adventures in Babysitting
no official spoken title (See the Errors section)
16B Pups Save the Fireworks Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Kembang Api Puppies Save the Fireworks
17A Pups Save a Sniffle Anak-anak Anjing Sakit Flu Flu-sick Puppies
17B Pups and the Ghost Cabin Anak Anjing dan Kabin Berhantu Puppies and the Haunted Cabin
18A Pups Save an Adventure Penyelamatan Sebuah Petualangan Rescue of an Adventure
18B Pups Save a Surprise Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Sebuah Kejutan Puppies Save a Surprise
19 Pup-fu! Pup-fu Pup-fu
20A Pups Save the Mayor's Race Menyelamatkan Perlombaan Para Wali Kota Saving the Mayors' Race
20B Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot Menyelamatkan Jarahan Penjahat Saving a Criminal's Loot
21A Pups Save Walinda Anak Anjing Menyelamatkan Walinda Puppies Save Walinda
21B Pups Save a Big Bone Menyelamatkan Tulang Besar Saving a Big Bone
22A Pups Save a Floundering Francois Menyelamatkan Floundering Francois(See the Errors section) Saving a Floundering Francois
22B Pups Save the Pop-up Penguins Menyelamatkan Penguin Saving the Penguins
23A Pups Save a Snowboard Competition Menyelamatkan Perlombaan Snowboard Saving a Snowboard Competition
23B Pups Save a Chicken of the Sea Menyelamatkan Ayam dari Laut Saving a Chicken of the Sea
24A Pups Save a Pizza Menyelamatkan Piza Saving a Pizza
24B Pups Save Skye Menyelamatkan Skye Saving Skye
25A Pups Save the Woof and Roll Show Menyelamatkan Pertunjukan Woof and Roll Saving the Woof and Roll Show
25B Pups Save an Eagle Menyelamatkan Elang Saving an Eagle
26 Pups Bark with Dinosaurs Anak Anjing dengan Dinosaurus Puppies with Dinosaurs

Season 3

# Original title Indonesian title
Title Translation
1A Pups Find a Genie
title unavailable
1B Pups Save a Tightrope Walker
title unavailable
2A Pups Save a Goldrush
title unavailable
2B Pups Save the PAW Patroller
title unavailable
3A Pups Save the Soccer Game
title unavailable
3B Pups Save a Lucky Collar
title unavailable
4A Pups Save Alex's Mini-patrol
title unavailable
4B Pups Save a Lost Tooth
title unavailable
5 Air Pups
title unavailable
6 Pups Save Friendship Day
title unavailable
7A Pups Save Apollo
title unavailable
7B Pups Save the Hippos
title unavailable
8A Pups Save Daring Danny X
title unavailable
8B Pups in a Fix
title unavailable
9A Pups Save a Dragon
title unavailable
9B Pups Save Three Little Pigs
title unavailable
10A Pups Save a Stinky Flower
title unavailable
10B Pups Save a Monkey-naut
title unavailable
11A Pups Save the Polar Bears
title unavailable
11B A Pup in Sheep's Clothing
title unavailable
12A Pups Save a School Bus
title unavailable
12B Pups Save the Songbirds
title unavailable
13A Pups Save Old Trusty
title unavailable
13B Pups Save a Pony
title unavailable
14A Pups Save a Robo-saurus
title unavailable
14B Pups Save a Film Festival
title unavailable
15 Tracker Joins the Pups!
title unavailable
16A Pups Bear-ly Save Danny
title unavailable
16B Pups Save the Mayor's Tulips
title unavailable
17A All Star Pups!
title unavailable
17B Pups Save Sports Day
title unavailable
18A Pups in a Jam
title unavailable
18B Pups Save a Windsurfing Pig
title unavailable
19A Pups Get Growing
title unavailable
19B Pups Save a Space Toy
title unavailable
20A Pups Get Skunked
title unavailable
20B Pups and a Whale of a Tale
title unavailable
21A Parroting Pups
title unavailable
21B Merpups Save the Turbots
title unavailable
22 The Pups' Winter Wonder Show
title unavailable
23A Pups Save the Gliding Turbots
title unavailable
23B Pups Save a Plane
title unavailable
24A Pups Save a Giant Plant
title unavailable
24B Pups Get Stuck
title unavailable
25A Pups Raise the PAW Patroller
title unavailable
25B Pups Save the Crows
title unavailable
26A Pups Save Their Floating Friends
title unavailable
26B Pups Save a Satellite
title unavailable



  • The Indonesian version preserves PAW Patrol as both the title of the series and the name of the team.
  • The Indonesian dubbing does not have the songs, including the theme song, dubbed leaving the songs with the original English vocals or only in the instrumental version.

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