Mr. Porter

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  • Mr. Porter is the grandfather of Alex.
    • Alex sometimes calls him "Grandpa Porter."
  • He owns a restaurant.
  • Once he won the "Tallest and Tastiest Cake Competition" with a cake resembling the PAW Patrol Lookout. His cake was declared both the tallest and tastiest.
    • The Lookout cake beat Cap'n Turbot's fish cake and Foggy Bottom's hot air balloon cake to win the prize.
    • The victor of the previous year's competition was Mayor Humdinger, with the same hot air balloon cake that faltered to Mr. Porter's cake.
  • For many consecutive years, he won the Adventure Bay Talent Show with pie-juggling.
    • His streak ended when the PAW Patrol formed a band and performed "You Can Call on Me", winning first prize one year.
    • In that year he lost, he dropped the pies during his act.

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