Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown

Quest for the Crown 57


  • It is the first episode not to have "Pup(s)" in the title.
  • As of May 2017, this is episode has the highest rating in the entire series.
  • This is the second episode where the entire PAW Patrol obtain new gear and where the Air Patroller's deployment song gets extended.
    • The first time this occurred was in "Air Pups".
  • This is the 13th episode to last for half an hour.
  • This is the first PAW Patrol episode to have a sequel.
  • Big Benji is a reference to the Big Ben clock tower in London, England.
  • A new underground headquarters for the PAW Patrol is introduced near the Barkingburg Castle.
  • The location of Barkingburg is a reference to London, England.
  • The Air Patroller is revealed to have a stealth mode.
  • The Barkingburg Palace is a reference to Buckingham Palace, the administrative headquarters of the British Monarchy.
  • Chase's attire when he arrived at the Barkingburg Castle is a reference to an MI6 agent 007 (James Bond), notably by wearing a tuxedo.
  • Chase's three wheeler is a reference to a police motorcycle and Skye's skycycle is a reference to a hover cycle.
  • The book of the same name was released 10 days before this episode premiered.
  • Chase goes on his first solo mission (guarding the Barkingburg crown).
  • This is the fourth episode where more than two emergencies occur.
  • This is the first Episode where Ryder has an alternate vehicle (a motorized skateboard) instead of his ATV.


  • When Ryder calls Rubble to free Chase from the wall, the right side of the door is closed. When Rubble is on his vehicle, both sides of the door are opened.