Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown

Quest for the Crown 98


  • Chase: "Ryder, I know who the real thief is. It's the royal pup, Sweetie."
  • Chase: "There's the royal crown thief."

  • Ryder: "Robo-Dog, put your metal to the pedal!"
  • Ryder: "An extraordinary mission like this calls for extraordinary gear and vehicles. This is a Mission PAW!"

  • Ryder: "Marshall, are you okay?"
  • Marshall: "I never touched them, honest!"

  • Ryder: "Welcome to our new underwater HQ, pups!"

  • Sweetie: "This pup is so good at being bad!"

  • Chase: "Sweetie, you took the royal crown."
  • Sweetie: "That's Queen Sweetie, and yes, I took it, but I'm gonna make sure that everyone thinks you did!"

  • Princess of Barkingburg: "Sweetie, you're a very naughty pup. Give me back my crown!"
  • Sweetie: "You'll just have to catch me first!"