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Mayor Humdinger
Featured Character
(May 2015)
Mayor Humdinger
Foggy Bottom's Mayor


Mayor Humdinger


Male ♂


Mayor of Foggy Bottom
Leader of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew



Episode Debut:

Pup Pup and Away


Winning, The Kitten Catastrophe Crew, Cheating, Mayor Goodway's Friendship Day Cake


Losing, Getting caught cheating (especially by the PAW Patrol), Unwittingly putting himself in danger (which would usually result in getting caught cheating)

Voice Actors:

Flag of Canada
Ron Pardo (Season 1–present)

Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Foggy Bottom and possibly the main antagonist of PAW Patrol. He is the rival of Mayor Goodway, the mayor of Adventure Bay. He thinks he is the best at everything as seen in "Pup Pup and Away" and tries to outdo everyone at everything (especially Mayor Goodway).


Mayor Humdinger can be grumpy at times, seen when he lost in "Pup Pup and Away" and Mayor Goodway/Adventure Bay won. He argues a lot with Adventure Bay's mayor.


Mayor Humdinger is rather conceited, thinking that his town is better than Adventure Bay in every way possible. In Season 1, while antagonistic towards Mayor Goodway, for the most part he played fairly, due in part to confidence in his record of winning and generally being undefeated in most of the competitions he participated in, only to end up losing to Mayor Goodway and the PAW Patrol. As of Season 2, he usually cheats in order to win, showing a lack of morality and win at all costs personality. He is also the assembler of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew, a group of mischievous cats who perform heinous deeds to support his efforts. He has also become slightly more villainous in Season 2 (where as in Season 1 he was simply antagonistic) to the point he and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew have their own secret lair and he behaves more like a stereotypical villain such as laughing maniacally and even covertly observing the PAW Patrol via a video monitor ("Pup-Fu!"). He is also shown to be willing to resorting to stealing something he wants, such as Wild Wilbur's hidden treasure ("Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot") and Farmer Yumi's priceless Martial Arts scroll ("Pup-Fu!"). He is also shown to be quite greedy in "Pups Save an Outlaw's Loot". However his plans can occasionally backfire, resulting in him needing to be rescued by the PAW Patrol. In "Pups Save a Snowboard Competition", he is shown to care about Cat Rubble and Cat Chase when they are in danger of falling off a cliff, as he is shown nervously biting his fingernails, though returns to his usual self once they are safe and reluctant thank Ryder and PAW Patrol due to his pride, but ends up thanking them albeit begrudgingly. In "Pups Save Friendship Day", his competitiveness is so great that he is willing to turn a holiday about Friendship into a contest between Foggy Bottom and Adventure Bay. He is also shown to be slightly narcissistic as he called a Friend Day Cake that resembled him the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He was also touched by Mayor Goodway's attempt to help him when he was being carried away one of his balloon bouquets and promised to try to be a little more nicer. Despite his flaws he is essentially a good person.


Mayor Humdinger has dark brown eyes, light peachy skin and blonde hair. He also has a big bushy blonde curled moustache. He wears a blue top, purple pants, brown shoes, and a blue top hat. His standard outfit resembles Rich Uncle Pennybags (the Monopoly man). He also looks similar to the statue of Mayor Goodway's Grover Goodway.



  • "But what if I fall?"
  • "You know what to do, Kit-tastrophe Crew!"

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