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Character Info

Mayor Goodway is the mayor of Adventure Bay, who is a recurring character. She lives at the City Hall. She is very competitive with Mayor Humdinger of Foggy Bottom. She also appears on Hello, Adventure Bay! when a special event is occurring in Adventure Bay.


She is the current Mayor of Adventure Bay, following in the footsteps of her Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather Grover Goodway, who was Adventure Bay's first mayor.


She has acrophobia (fear of heights) and she can be very panicky at times (Seen in "Pup Pup and Away"). She both respects and quite proud of her great-great-great-great grandfather, Grover Goodway, Adventure Bay's first mayor, and because of this, she is very protective over the golden statue of him, making sure it is clean and becomes upset if something happens to it. Ironically, the statue also looks similar to her rival Mayor Humdinger. She is quite fond of her pet chicken Chickaletta. She tends to dramatize situations.


Mayor Goodway wears a dark blue skirt, a white shirt, turquoise (sometimes red) high heel shoes, and a turquoise blazer. Mayor has brown skin, hair, and a little beauty spot on her face. She wears gold earrings and has a pet chicken named Chickaletta whom she carries in her purse. She calls Chickaletta her "Purse Chicken."



  • "Look Chickaletta, it's Ryder!"

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