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  • Marshall is the first pup to need help from the PAW Patrol ("Pups Fight Fire")
  • Marshall can do a tail spin, but usually falls in the end. Until "Pup-Fu!", where he did a tail spin perfectly.
  • In "Pups in a Fog", it is revealed that Marshall sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • It was revealed in "Pups Save a Toof" that Marshall was afraid of flying. This was also hinted in "Pup Pup Goose" when he was flying from Skye's helicopter (pteromerhanophobia).
  • Most birds like Marshall, including Fuzzy and Chickaletta.
  • Marshall has been FIRST called on a mission 51 times.
  • Marshall has been called for backup 23 times.
  • Marshall has been called into action (either a first response or backup) 74 times.
  • Marshall likes the name Joey, as said in "Pups and the Trouble with Turtles".
  • Marshall may be allergic to dust, which was revealed in "Pups Save the Bunnies". Ryder called when he was dusting his Pup-house and he dropped the duster, making him sneeze.
  • His name also represents his job (Marshall=Fire Marshal)
  • Marshall was given a Medic pup uniform and an ambulance in "Pups Save Jake".
  • Marshall sleepwalks, as shown in "Pups Save a Ghost".
  • Marshall has stage fright, as shown in "Pups Save a Show".
  • Marshall bears a small resemblance to Lucky from 101 Dalmatians.
  • Marshall has never first-deployed with "Everest".
  • In the Brazilian dub of PAW Patrol, for some reason, Marshall, along with Zuma, is referred as a female pup, when he was voiced by Sicilia Vidal in Season 1 and the first 13 episodes in Season 2 before Renato Cavalcanti took over the role of Marshall's voice for the following episodes and later the redubbing of Sicilia Vidal's lines.
  • According to himself in "Air Pups", monkeys love him.
  • He is the second pup to be seen without his pup tag following joining the PAW Patrol. This was seen in "Pups Save a Lucky Collar" when he dropped it on a ledge.
  • Marshall transforms into a mer-pup for the first time in "Merpups Save the Turbots".
  • Marshall is allergic to skunk spray, as seen in "Pups Get Skunked".
  • Marshall's water cannons can spray water, but can also be used to spray paint, smoothie juice and snow.

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