Marshall has the following toys of himself and his firetruck:


On-A-Roll Marshall ($24.99)

Marshall's Fire Fightin' Truck

Marshall's Jungle Truck

Marshall's Rescue Rover

Pup-2-Hero playset

Rescue Racer


My Busy Books Figure

Blind Bag Figure

Jumbo Action Pup

Action Pack Pup ($6.99)

Marshall + Baby Whale Rescue Set (based on "Pups and the Very Big Baby")

Pup Fu Marshall & Kitty Rescue Set

All-Stars Action Pack figure

Plush Toys

Build-a-Bear Workshop Marshall + accessories

Pillow Pet

Keychain plushie

Sitting plush

Backpack plush

Marshall cuddle pillow

Pup Pal

Real Talking Plush Marshall

Description: Bring home your favorite fire pup with the real talking Marshall plush! This soft and cuddly adventurer is full of real sounds and phrases straight from Paw Patrol! Just give his belly a squeeze to listen to what he has to say! With his fire safety helmet, Marshall is always ready for adventure. He knows no job is too big and no pup is too small, inspiring bravery, friendship and teamwork with each and every adventure. And when the adventure is over you can easily remove his helmet for bed. Bring home the adventure of Paw Patrol with the soft and cuddly real talking Marshall!


  • (ring ring) "Ryder needs us!"
  • "I'm fired up!
  • "Arf arf!"
  • "Let's go go go!"
  • "Awoooooooowoowoowoowooo!" (howling)
  • "I'm on it!"

European Play by Play Plush

Bath Toys

Bath Squirter

Paddlin' Pup


Marshall's Pup Pack (Wearable)

Water Rescue Pack (Wearable)

Easter Basket

Ionix Jr. Sets

Zoomer Marshall (interactive robot)

Weebles toy