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Character Info

Marshall PNG
PAW Patrol Member No. 3 Fire-Pup, Marshall








PAW Patrol Member No. 3, Fire Pup, Medic Pup




To have fun with Ryder and the other PAW Patrol pups, the name "Joey", Pumpkins and apples (shown in Pups Fall Festival), flying kites, treats, playing "Pup Pup Boogie"


Flying really high up, Being last in the elevator, Crashing and bumping into things and the pups, snakes

Voice Actor:

Flag of Canada
Gage Munroe (Season 1), Drew Davis (Season 2)
Noah Ashby

Marshall is a Dalmatian puppy and is one of the main protagonists in the TV series, PAW Patrol. He the 3rd member of the PAW Patrol. He is the team's fire pup, and is also the medic pup (since "Pups Save Jake").


Marshall is a dalmatian pup who is seen to be silly and clumsy. Despite of his silliness, he helps Ryder countless times during missions. His main color is red, given that he normally wears an fire helmet on duty, his uniform and pup pack are red too.

Nick Jr. Description

"From the firehouse to his fire truck, Marshall is a Dalmatian who is all action, easily excited, and the clumsy one of the group. The pups will always hear Marshall say; 'I'm okay!'"


In the PAW Patrol, Marshall is the joker/clown of the group and tends to behave silly and clumsy. He is very accident prone and would usually crash and bump into things such as crashing the pups at the elevator, which gives him the nickname "Bad Luck Marshall" from fans. He is not exactly well-coordinated, is a bit air-headed, and gets very excited. When he is excited, he usually howls.

Despite of his clumsiness, Marshall is a loyal and brave member of the PAW Patrol and he had helped Ryder and the other pups in several missions. Marshall is also very friendly, especially to birds (e.g. Fuzzy).


Marshall has white fur with black spots covering his body and he has bright blue eyes. During missions, Marshall wears a Firefighter helmet with a flashlight and a red vest. He wears a red backpack, which can transform into a fire hose.


Here is a gallery of Marshall's attires throughout the series.

Equipment and Gadgets

Marshall's Pup Tag

Like all of the PAW Patrol pups, Marshall has his own personalized Pup Tag, with a shape of a fire symbol on it, which he uses to communicate with Ryder, The Lookout, and the other PAW Patrol Pups. When in use, the Pup Tag would flash its light. The Pup Tag also has a special mechanism, which allows the PAW Patrol pups to make video calls to other PAW Patrol members.

Marshall's Firetruck

The Firetruck is Marshall's vehicle. It is one of the many high-tech vehicles which Ryder had built for each pup. Like all of the pup's vehicles, Marshall's truck can transform from a doghouse to a vehicle and vice versa. Marshall's Firetruck is equipped with fire fighting equipment such as a tall ladder and a water cannon. The vehicle number is 03.

Since "Pups Save Jake" Marshall's firetruck can be transformed into an ambulance and used on medic missions. In the same episode, he uses it to transport Jake home, revealing the inside is big enough to accompany someone as tall as Jake. In "Pups Save a Show," Marshall uses a stretcher, a thermometer, and a stethoscope, when caring for Cap'n Turbot and Chase, all of which he probably got out of his ambulance.

Marshall's Firefighter Pup Pack

Marshall has his own high-tech Pup Pack which he uses during missions. Marshall's Pup Pack can transform into a water cannon, which Marshall primarily uses to fight off fires and blazes. The source of water that the cannon uses comes from the tanks that are installed on the sides of the Pup Pack. Marshall's fire fighter's hat also has a retractable visor capability.

Marshall's Medical Pup Pack

When performing his duties as medic pup instead of firefighter pup, his medical Pup Pack carries an X-ray screen, and compartments that deploy a roll of bandages or a crutch, depending on Marshall's diagnosis of the injured.

Skills and Abilites

Marshall is really fast at running. In "Pups Fight Fire," if there weren't any interruptions during the race, it is possible that Marshall could be the "most fastest fire pup in the world."

As a dog, Marshall has a sharp sense of smell. Although it is not as sensitive as Chase's, Marshall is able to smell and detect gas leaks and smoke.


  • "I'm all fired up!"
  • "Made it."
  • "I'm good."
  • "Ready for a ruff, ruff rescue!"
  • Ruff Ruff Rescue! (Short)
  • "Do my best, forget about the rest." (From "Pups Fight Fire")
  • "Woah-woahhhhhhh!"
  • "Aah! Ooh! Eee! Aah! Oh! Ooh! Eee! Ooh! Aah! I'm good!" (when falling down his firetruck ladder)
  • "I'm Ok!"
  • "Oof!"
  • "Let's go go go!"
  • "Aaaooooooooooooo!" (howling)


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Marshall's gallery can be viewed here.

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