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General Info

Julius Goodway
Mayor Goodway's nephew


Julius Goodway


Male ♂


Son of Gustavo Goodway, Brother of Justina Goodway, Nephew of Mayor Goodway, Great Great Grandson of Grover Goodway



Episode Debut:

"Pups Save a Goodway"


Playing with his sister and the other kids


The pool being empty ("Pups Save a Pool Day")

Voice Actors:

Flag of Canada
Moses Rankine (Season 1-present)

Julius Goodway is the son of Gustavo Goodway. He has a twin sister named Justina, and is also the nephew of Mayor Goodway.


Julius presumably lives in Adventure Bay with his father Gustavo Goodway  and fraternal twin sister Justina. He frequently appears with his sister as a background character. He and Justina are often seen playing with Alex and the other children, or participating in local events like the Adventure Bay's Easter Egg Hunt or competitions like Frog Jumping Contest.


Julius is much like all the other kids. He usually seen with and speaks in unison with his sister when he has a speaking role. 


Julius has brown skin with short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue Polo-style shirt with an orange collar. He likes to play soccer and is exactly the same height as his sister and other kids like Alex.

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