Francois Turbot

PAW Patrol Russian Francois (9)


  • Francois is the only character in PAW Patrol to come from France.
  • He is Cap'n Turbot's cousin.
  • As a result of being attacked by the Blue Footed Booby Bird in Pups Save the Turbots, Francois has apparently developed a fear of and/or dislike for Blue-Footed Booby Birds, given his response to Cap'n Turbot's suggestion that more booby birds may start nesting in Adventure Bay.
  • His impatience often gets the better of him, resulting in him finding himself in danger and needing to be rescued (sometimes putting his cousin in danger as well) such as in Pups Save a Big Bone and Pups Save a Floundering Francois.
  • Despite being a talented and skilled kite-surfer, Francois is a terrible skateboarder.
  • His cell phone's background is the French Tricolour (the flag of France).

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