Foggy Bottom

Pup-Fu!21(First Look at Foggy Bottom)


  • This is the first location outside of Adventure Bay to be mentioned in an episode previous to the episode in which it was visited.
  • This is the most frequently visited geographic location outside of Adventure Bay.
  • The sun has never been shown in the city.
    • Despite this, the lamppost by a frequently seen park bench is not always lit.
  • The town has an official basketball team (Foggy Bottom Boomers), though an unofficial soccer team (the Kitten Catastrophe Crew).
  • There is an unofficial rivalry between the city and Adventure Bay.
  • The town and its mayor have dominated all multi-location competitions until the PAW Patrol was used to Adventure Bay's advantage in following years.
    • Some of the victories involved cheating on behalf of Mayor Humdinger.
  • The town has housed the most stolen objects in the series, at three. ("Pup-Fu!", "Pups Save a Goldrush" and "Pups Save the Songbirds")
  • In "Pups Save Friendship Day" Mayor Humdinger mentioned that there are qualified dentists in the city.

  • Pup Pup and Away: The town loses the Hot Air Balloon race.
  • Pups Save a Basketball Game:
    • The town challenges Adventure Bay to an unofficial competition for the first time.
    • Its undefeated basketball team lost to the PAW Patrol.
  • Pup-Fu!:
    • The ancient scroll of pup-fu was stolen and brought to the town.
    • The PAW Patrol visits the town for the first time.
  • Pups Save the Mayor's Race:
    • The town is revealed to have won the competition for many consecutive years due to cheating.
    • The town is disqualified for Mayor Humdinger's sabotage.
  • Pups Save a Goldrush: Gold is stolen and brought to the town.
  • Pups Save Friendship Day: The town's balloon baskets lose the friend-off to Adventure Bay's cake sculpture of Mayor Humdinger.
  • Pups Save a Stinky Flower:
    • A stinky flower is delivered back to Foggy Bottom from Adventure Bay.
    • The stinky flower multiplies while there.
  • Pups Save the Songbirds: Songbirds from Adventure Bay are stolen and caged in the town.