For the Season 2 episode this game is based on, see Pups Save the Corn Roast.

Corn Roast Catastrophe is a video game found on Nick Jr's website. It was released on April 9, 2015. The game can be played here:

Playable Characters


Uh oh! Today's the corn roast but Bettina knocked over Farmer Al's barbecue. The hot coals scattered everywhere and the PAW Patrol is called to action. Help them put out the fiery coals before the heat starts popping the corn starts. The PAW Patrol is here to help, and they need just one more set of paws to save the Corn Roast: you!


Save the corn roast by dealing with any issues on the day. Games must be played in the following order, and all of them must be completed to beat the game.

Corn Popping

Bettina knocks over some hot coals from Farmer Al's barbecue onto piles of corn. Marshall needs to put the fire out using his water cannons before the corn starts popping. The stacks of corn are at varying distances, and Marshall must pump up his water cannon to the proper pressure. Click on the pump to increase the pressure level by one, and hit the rest limit to decrease the pressure level by one. Shoot the water cannon by clicking Marshall, when the pump's number is matching the number of each pile.

Barn Rescue

Chickaletta gets spooked by the popping corn and gets herself trapped in Farmer Al's hay loft. Super Spy Chase is needed to find and rescue her. He must climb up the barn walls with his suction cups, collecting as many treats as possible. Move left and right using the arrow keys and avoid obstacles such as feathers and windows. After reaching the dark loft, Chase needs to track down Chickaletta with his night vision goggles. Use the arrow keys to shift his view, following Chickaletta's infrared tracks. Click on the glowing haystacks you find until Chickaletta stays put. To get Chickaletta down quickly, Chase uses his zip line. Finally, use Chase's zip line to get down safely. Spin over the rope using the space bar, both to collect balloons and to evade crows until Skye takes Chickaletta and the balloons from you.