Chase has the following toys of himself and his police truck:


Chase's Cruiser

Chase's Jungle Cruiser

Chase's Three Wheeler

On-a-Roll Chase

Rescue Racers Chase


Chase & Marley Rescue Set

Winter Rescue Figure Set (with Rubble) (Target Exclusive)

Blind Bag Figure

My Busy Books Figure

Jumbo Action Pup

Action Pack Pup ($6.99)

Spy Chase + Penguins Rescue Set

Pup Fu Chase & Kitty Rescue Set

All-Stars Action Pack figure

Plush Toys

Keychain plushie

Cuddle Pillow Chase

Build-a-Bear Workshop Chase + accessories

This Chase can be stuffed by yourself, and can include multiple accessories and even a sound chip that plays when you squeeze his paw.

Pup Pal

Real Talking Chase Plush

Plush backpack

Bath Toys

Bath Squirter

Paddlin' Pup


Chase's Pup Pack (wearable)


Mission Chase

New Chase Toy00:21

New Chase Toy

Rescue Training Center

Lookout HQ playset (includes Chase's car & figurine)

Ionix Jr. Sets

Weebles toy

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