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Character Info

Police and Traffic Cop Pup
Vital statistics
Position Traffic Cop Puppy
Age Unknown
Status German Shepard and Police Pup
Likes Skye (Possibly), being loyal to Ryder, playing when there's no emergency
Dislikes Marshall being immature, going to the Dentist (resolved in Pups Save a Toof), things that make him sneeze
Voice Actors
Tristan Samuel
Hayden Hunter
Chase is a German Shepherd puppy, and a member of the PAW Patrol. He is a police and traffic cop dog.


Chase is a German Shepard pup who is seen to be rather mature and serious on missions. He seems to be closest to Ryder, and tends to be the ringleader of the PAW Patrol. He is a police/security dog. His main color is deep blue. He wears a police hat and rides a police-themed car that he uses for missions.

Nick Description

Using his police truck and megaphone, this German Shepherd Dog is an athletic natural leader who likes to take charge. Chase may be on the case, but he has to watch out for cats and feathers because he is allergic.


Chase, being a police dog, is very mature, possibly the most mature of the group. He is
Wiki NonnyAdded by Wiki Nonny
definitely a leader, and takes things very seriously when on patrol, though has his ups and downs. He can be very playful when there are no missions. He and Marshall are best friends and are competitive, but they do it just for fun. During missions, he can show his emotional side, but he always denies it with his serious side. 

In Pups Save the Sea Turtles, he showed some slight affection towards Skye.

Chase playing with Skye
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He is an excellent sniffer and can track down anything. However, he is allergic to cats, feathers, and dust. He uses a megaphone to warn the citizens about trouble and also to direct traffic (used in Pups Save Christmas)

  • "Aah-choo!"
  • "Ready for action, Rydersir!"
  • "These paws uphold the laws!"
  • "S/he went this way!"
  • "Chase is on the case!"
  • "Ryder, sir!"
  • "Whenever you're In trouble, just hoot for help!" (From Pups Save a Hoot)
  • "Got the gifts, missed the pup (From Pups Save Christmas)

Chase's General gallery can be viewed here.

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