This page is a list of the voice actors and actresses that are involved with the PAW Patrol series.  

Main Character Voices

Below is a table of voice actors and the characters they voice.

NOTE: A character is listed "Regular" if they appear in MANY episodes. A character is listed "Minor" if they appear in a FEW episodes. A character is listed "Guest" if they only appear in one episode. All of these are per season.

Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4
Owen Mason Ryder Regular Regular (First Half)
Elijha Hammill Regular (Second Half) Regular (First Part)
Jaxon Mercey Regular (Second Part) Regular
Gage Munroe Marshall Regular
Drew Davis Regular
Devan Cohen Rubble Regular
Tristan Samuel Chase Regular
Max Calinescu Regular
Stuart Ralston Rocky Regular
Samuel Faraci Regular
Alex Thorne Zuma Regular Regular (First Half)
Kallan Holley Skye Regular
Ron Pardo Cap'n Turbot Regular
Katherine Forrester Katie Regular
Julie Lemieux Cali Regular
Deann Degruijter Mayor Goodway Regular
Unknown Chickaletta Regular
Christian Distefano Alex Porter Regular
Blair Williams Mr. Porter Regular
Unknown Wally Regular Minor
Peter Cugno Francois Turbot Guest Regular
Scott McCord Jake Regular
Ron Pardo Farmer Al Guest Regular
Ron Pardo Mayor Humdinger Minor Regular
Berkley Silverman Everest Regular
Unknown Robo-Dog Guest Regular
David Lopez Tracker Regular
Anya Cooke Sweetie Regular
Daniel DeSanto Danny Regular
Unknown Precious' Owner's Mom Minor Guest Minor
Berkley Silverman Precious' Owner Minor
Unknown The Train Engineer Minor
Addison Holley Justina Goodway Minor
Moses Rankine Julius Goodway Minor
Unknown Santa Claus Guest
Unknown Gustavo Goodway Guest
Unknown Otis Goodway Guest
Juan Chioran Raimundo Minor Minor
Unknown Mandy Guest Minor
Lucius Hoyos Carlos Minor
Jaiden Cannatelli Minor
CJ Dubé Jeremy the Genie Guest
Unknown Mailman Guest

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