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General Info

Carter Thorne is a Canadian child voice actor that is set to replace his older brother Alex as the voice of Zuma in the North American version of PAW Patrol. It has yet to be confirmed when he will begin voicing him.

Acting Life

Carter has mostly followed in Alex's footsteps. He became interested in acting after he and Alex landed the role of a kid aging through his life in a Kraft Singles commercial early in 2010. He and Alex then played the roles of brothers on King in 2010. Carter has also landed roles in a McDonalds commercial and What's Your News.

Carter began his voice career in a educational animated program by Ell Technologies. He also played guest roles in Doki.

Carter recently appeared in a guest role on Odd Squad as Mr. O. In 2016, Carter took over in the role of Zuma from his brother Alex in Season 4 of PAW Patrol.

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